Monday, August 30, 2004

Quixtar: Why this Blog

If we could sell our experiences for what they cost us, we'd all be millionaires.
Abigail Van Buren

Hello guys. I love writing this blog. And yes I have an agenda and purpose. A bit deeper, I think, than "Ok I accept, lets go". Someday I might be asked,
  • Why you are writing this blog? (uh, I want to?)
  • What are your motives? (Spread negative?)
  • Who is paying you? (Pinko Commie Liberals)
  • You are one sad fella! (You didn’t know? I wrote hamlet)
  • Who will ever see your blog? (People with eyes?)
Ok some serious answers. Here are my motives:
  • Sincerity, Will to save other people from a scam
  • Honesty
  • Anger (Hey I was scammed)
  • An urge to speak the truth.
I think I’ve been scammed by Quixtar. Many people are. People have lost time and money, people are counseled by their upline to leave their loved ones if they are “negative”. Marriages are in trouble and relationships are broken. People are being hurt to this date, since decades. I feel it my religious responsibility to warn other people. I just keep thinking about a person with lit pack in his hand and dreams in his eyes. I was there. Only if some one guided me then.

Think of it as this way. You are going on a road and you see some trouble ahead, without any warning sign. What would you do? What I'll do is try to put some warning so every one knows what is ahead. I'll call some authorities to take care of it and only then i'll take some other route.

Religious reasons:
The Holy Quran has described this quality of the Faithful in the following words: "They enjoin what is proper and forbid what is improper" (9:71)

In contrast, describing the qualities of a hypocrite, the Quran mentions: "They bid what is improper and forbid what is proper" (9:67)

"If we give authority to these men on earth they will keep up prayers, and offer poor-due, bid what is proper and forbid what is improper" (22:41)
I’m not making any money from this blog, and I am not trying to sabotage the business of any particular person. As you can see, I have NOT used any particular name in my blog. I’m trying to help masses, not to attack any one in particular. And as I am speaking the truth, I don’t need to make personal attacks either.

Also, I have nothing to hide. I am using my real picture, my real name and I’m providing the source of the claims I am making. I believe I have not posted any thing illegal here. If I have done so, please point it. If there is any thing here that is actually illegal and against libel laws, I’ll remove it.

Q: You are one sad fella!
I don’t need to justify myself in front of any one accusing me for being desperate, sad or negative. I can be sad, depressed, angry, or victim of excessive happiness, whatever I choose to. After all, I didn’t ask you to visit my blog :) Ok enough fighting. I am actually a pretty normal dude. I know my blog is not very cute. It doesn’t have a picture of my girlfriend or cats. By the way I never had a girlfriend; I’ll soon have a wife, Inshallah. Working on that! But I do have two lovely cats. If you see my profile, you’d see I enjoy many hobbies and I am very blessed by Allah for a wonderful family, a great job, good health and good friends.

Q: Who will ever see your blog?
On average, 150 people visit my blog daily. It gets more than 1000 hits every week, since last 4 weeks, when I started my blog. I never tried to, but I am ranked surprisingly well in msn, yahoo, dogpile and google. People came to my blog typing the keywords in them which I never think of. I hope I help people in making an informed decision.

Sincerity, honesty and anger, not a bad combination eh!

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Saturday, August 28, 2004


In a hadith narrated by Abu Hurayrah, the Prophet (peace be upon him) is reported to have said:
If you guarantee me six things on your part I shall guarantee you Paradise. Speak the truth when you talk, keep a promise when you make it, when you are trusted with something fulfill your trust, avoid sexual immorality, lower your guise, and restrain your hands from injustice." [Ubadah Ibn al Samit, Ahmad, Bayhaqi]
As you might've guess, I am Muslim. I was in an organization in Quixtar where few people above me were also Muslim. I always find it extremely wrong when religion, any religion is used as a way to make money. And not just that, as a way to fool other people. Well, it’s our, human beings’ history that people are always manipulated by their religious beliefs, I’ll stick to the topic of my blog i.e. Quixtar.

Inspired by quixtarBlog’s Quixtianity.

Here are following things done on the name of religion:

Understanding Islam:

My sponsor and upline are Muslim. They promoted a tape of another crossline Muslim Understanding Islam. The content of the tape is superb. No question. It was a very good deed. May Allah S.W.T bless you (for the content).

BUT, was that tape distributed free among all Muslim IBOs, or even given at the production cost? Who am I kidding here! Its cost was same as every other tape, i.e. $10 CAD. My upline pushed 4, 5 copies on me, while I was heavily under debt, at the verge of bankruptcy. And kept mentioning that I should’ve bought more. I don’t know how much he pushed it on his other legs. He knew
my financial situation very well. Yet he pushed me a tape which had no business use for me. Neither was I at risk of quitting Islam. I wonder if he has ever listened to the tape as apparently he need to “Understand Islam”. What do you think?

By the way, equal and even better Islamic teachings are available FREE on the internet. Search Google and you got it. If you are going to mosque regularly, which we all should, you must be getting them FREE any way.

Q-Business gives you a chance to meet non Muslims and thus preach Islam

Oh really! How many IBOs have converted non-Muslims into Muslims? Was Islam not spreading before Quixtar? History tells us it was, since 1400 years. Yes, Muslim met many people because of business, (not just this business) but it was not the “Business” that converted people to Islam. It was the “character”, some thing king pins don’t have.

Tell me, how many non-Muslims are converted by IBOs? I’ll be amazed to see a double digit number.

Tell me, do you ever talk about Islam to your business associates / prospects? I never did. I was never told by my upline to do that. I and my associates didn’t have the time and interest for non business activities.

Tell me, non-IBOs don’t meet non-Muslims? News for you buddy, we all live in North America. We interact with non-Muslims on a daily basis. At work, at gym, at play grounds, in school, in malls, every where. I had been in the houses of my friends and colleagues. Some times I went there for fun. Some time I was asked to help in house moving or computer etc. It’s not a big deal to meet non-Muslims in North America. Like it or hate it, they are every where here, in majority. And quite accessible as well.

Religious scholars need donation from people like us
(A Muslim IBO said this to me)

Now that’s insulting to all preachers, of every religion. Read history, moron, before opening your mouth about any religion. When Islam started, those people sacrificed every thing to spread Islam. EVERY thing, their lives, money, relationships and property. So does the religious preachers of other religions did. If they hadn’t done it, religions will be out of our lives. Did any body specially rich and powerful people help them? It was other way around wasn’t it? Yet people were attracted to them by their message. Hey it was not BWW conference that one would need money to attend. And there were no IBOs back then.

Sure, it’s good to help preachers. But don’t EVER be mistaken that without your money they can’t do anything.

And an important question: How many IBOs are able to Donate from their Quixtar income? Don’t get me wrong here; many Muslim IBOs may be donating. If they are, may Allah bless them. If they are not, may Allah still bless them. My point is, are they donating from Quixtar money or some other source of income? As majority failed to make any profit after expenses. You can’t donate from $750 Loss / month can you?

How much donation Muslim IBOs have given to Preachers from their Quixtar income?


Every one living in present connected world knows about Ramadan. In Ramadan, we Muslims fast and open it at sunset. I asked my upline how I can build this business in Ramadan since after opening fast, one has to go to mosque for a long prayer called Taraweeh, and it’s impossible to build this business then.

Guess what the "Understanding Islam" person e-mailed me,
Eagle Imran


As for Taraweeh prayer, well you can't do anything. We build the business in this order:

1. God
2. Family
3. Business.

God does not mean that you just spend all the time in the mosque. There is nothing wrong in that, if somebody chooses to. It’s just that, then, one can't build the business. Islam requires us to have a balance between Deen (Religion) and Duniya (World). Some ppl go to Taraweeh because its imp in their lives to the extent that even if they had a job at the time, they would not go to work. On the other hand, you find ppl who use it as an excuse to miss the meeting and suddenly every Tues, they have to go to Taraweeh.... Best is, ask.... do you attend Taraweeh every day... And if the answer is yes, then so be it. But for you and me, we can always and should always say Taraweeh at least at home in the eve. I am sure Allah will reward us for the sacrifices that we make to build our business which is also Ibaadat (Meditation). Through this business, we help people lead better lives, earn better livelihood, better up bringing of their kids, better husband wife relationship, no TV and of course better relationship with our Creator. Amen.
But, every Muslim knows very well, day is not tough in Ramadan. It’s the evening that is important to offer Taraweeh prayer. IBO work hours! And business taking priority over Religion?

Holy Quran says:
"If it be that your fathers, your sons, your brothers, your mates, or your kindred; the wealth that you have gained; the commerce in which you fear a decline; or the dwellings in which you delight - are dearer to you than Allah, or His Messenger, or the striving in His cause -then wait until Allah brings about His Decision: and Allah guides not the rebellious." [Al Qur'an 9:24]

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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Time required to build Quixtar Business

Being an IBO is not a joke. It takes hard work, very hard work indeed to build a successful Quixtar business. I have explained in my previous posts specially this one that your are not doing any favour to any body by sponsoring them. Instead you are getting them in a not-so-legal scheme where they have to work quite hard, spend this much and fighting these odds to make any worth while money.

Here is, based on my experience the time required by a core IBO. And PLEASE tell me, is it 10-12 hours?

Monday: You wake up, feeling dizzy from the weekend driving you did for Sam sessions and showing the plan. Today is a big day as you have to show the plan for your newly sponsored IBO. You always hesitate to show the plan and despise the moment when some negative person shows up and majority starts yawning and looking their watches too often but what can you do, you've got a dream! You get in your car, put down the tape and start listening to the same thing as last one. You reached ur office, ughh, Monday. One day you'll be free, you know that. But for now, your Monday is much longer than your colleagues. You'll reach home around 10 while they'll spend a nice evening with their friends and family. But, after all, they'll be working all their life and you gonna be free. Just 2 more years.

Around 11, you put on head phone and start listening to Kate. Your upline is telling about the new conference, your credit card payment is overdue. Payment calls are annoying you, but you know you'll be there! With many people.

Around lunch break you get out, look here and there to prospect someone. Every one seems so happy and content with their life. A nice downtown noon. Unable to prospect and cursing yourself, you came back. Your voicemail is blinking and upline has left a message. You pick up the phone and call him. He is not very happy about not moving enough standing order or some similar thing. You don’t fight back because you are in submission. After all, when your upline got some 'not so nice' words from his upline, he immediately follow up by sending a thank you message to every one promoting his upline. Somewhere inside you there is a voice saying that you don't deserve to be treated like that. You work your tail off to build this business. But then you tell yourself that your upline has, after all much more sincerity for you than your grumpy boss.

Day goes on. You newly sponsored leg called you at 4 PM, you end up speaking some new prospects on his behalf, assuring them that they need to be there. Your colleagues are kinda uncomfortable with your constant talking on phone in office time.

Well, here comes the business time. You get ready at office washroom, changed your jeans with you suit and rush to your car while avoiding any colleagues. You make sure you have enough lit packs and extra cassettes in your car. On average you lose 2 tapes and 2 lit packs per meeting, equaling $50, but you never thought about it. After all, this all will mean nothing when you'll be platinum and above.

You reach there, set up the board and aisle. Show the plan. There was this one SOB, too cocky and arrogant. You felt insulted but pulled yourself together and went through the plan anyhow. Spread some cassettes; booked few follow ups, called your upline to talk to the most excited person there, which, ironically was the worst dressed and dumbest looking person. You congratulated your new leg, asked him to be on standing order so he can show a plan like you and went back home. You reached home around 11:30. Ate cold dinner, chug down double x and some other vitamins, called your upline and went to bed. But wait, you get up, take care of some banking, which is getting worse and worse, send Kate message, cursing yourself why you forgot to have new IBO send Kate message. Got insulted again by upline for forgetting that. Your upline hardly ever miss the opportunity to say that "These are the reasons you are not making big in this business". Then you log on to Quixtar to see any thing new to promote and then finally at 1:00 AM you went to bed.

Tuesday: Big day! Open today. You got up, put tooth brush in your mouth, but not in a first try. Chug down XS and some vitamins. Grab food bar as you are getting late and went to office. Food bar tasted like shit. At 10:00 you went to washroom to vomit. Same routine, Kate, phone to upline, downline, prospecting and Kate. Your performance is nearly half as much as it used to be. Then you get ready for open, big smile. At least you don’t have to show the plan. You made at least 5 calls to different prospects confirming they are coming. Then you get out of office, picked 3 prospect at most difficult locations in the city, hardly make it to open. Some times you receive calls while driving from your sponsor if you are getting late. You are quite used to talking on cell phone while driving, despite being once religiously against it. As your upline said, you can't go platinum without getting few speeding tickets. Plan went alright, but then training started and speaker kept on making jokes and dragged it to 11 PM! You went home around 12 after dropping off all the prospects, who are obviously not so happy as they were promised for an hour only. But they can't complain as they don't have any conveyance and you gave them a ride! Same routine, kate and then book, went to sleep around 2, feeling guilty for not reading enough books, bit angry at your partner for not listening enough tapes.

Wednesday and Thursday: Same routine, even harder as you are constantly being sleep deprived and avoided few traffic accidents, wondering what if other driver slept on wheel as well. More insult from upline, more begging to the prospects, more handing of the tapes, worrying why you never have any lit packs and extra tapes, while loosing 2,3 of them every week. Show one more plan on Thursday, some follow ups on Wednesday and attending one phone meeting on top of it, which lasted till 1:30 AM.

Friday: Finally! Ppl at work are not paying much attention today so you listened kate all day. Rush to home, picked prospects and rushed to QUEST. It’s snowing real hard and car is slipping on snow, but what do you care? After all this will be on your rally tape one day, not so far. You gave and awesome presentation of product, book and tape. You are feeling much more comfortable and happy here, as every one is so supportive and nice. Your prospects and downline are happy as well. You went home at 1, but tomorrow is off. You went to bed at 3 after detailed reading of the book promoted in QUEST. You are awaken abruptly by your partner as you forgot today is SAM day! Boom, car ready, no time for breakfast, rush to the other end of the city, 1 hour drive to borrow the SAM machine (Your partner has to beg some crossline to get it), 1 hour back, all day SAM sessions, explain your downline how the products will be delivered and how much profit they'll make. One downline is pissed as she thought she'll be making 3 times more on such a big sale. You always find it awkward arguing with women, so you end up offering some products for free to calm her down. After all, her PV gonna help you to go next level. Ironically, bonus paid at that level is 1/5th of your expenses. But again, you aint gonna stay at that level.

On evening, same old same old. Some calls, some NOs, some shopping around on, motivating every downline, a surprise call from your emerald. Went to a neighboring city on Sunday to show the plan with your sponsor. 3 hours one way drive on heavy rain, took all your day. Distributed more lit packs and tapes there, purchased some from your sponsor. Out of $50 bucks fuel and $50 bucks on lit packs.

Here comes the next week, same stuff, PLUS conference is coming. You gonna go and get more people there, other wise the look in your upline eye will make you melt from shame.....

PS: This is 100% my true story. I don’t have any reasons to exaggerate. I am not getting any PV to share it. I just wish that no one has to go through what I went through it. Decision is yours.

And PLEASE tell me, was it 10-12 hours? It was 4 hours daily AT LEAST on weekdays, and 6 hours on Saturday and Sunday. 32 Hours!

Did you know that time required to build this business will be this much?
If not then you were lied to.

Do you tell your prospects what is the time commitment for this business?
If you don’t then you are lying.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Cost of being an IBO

Note: All calculations are in CAD.

Hello guys. I’ll try to give you an idea how much a serious / core IBO is suppose to spend in a month. I was told many times that there is no investment involved in this business. All I have to do is redirect my current expenses, teach others to do the same and viola! I’ll be a millionaire. While there is not a huge up front cost, monthly expenses are not affordable for the majority. And average IBO, according to Quixtar, makes $115 gross i.e. before expenses.

a typical serious IBO spend:

$60 STO (Standing order, tapes and books)
$24 open meetings (1 meeting per week, usually on Tuesday costing $6 / person or couple)
$100 / month on seminars (6 conferences, 4 major conferences, and if you have hit 600 PV or above at least once, you got to go to atleast 2 “leadership” trips. One trip costs AT LEAST $200 / person. Expenses are travel, ticket and hotel. If you are a couple, it comes near $300. With babies, add baby sitting cost)
300 PV = $650 extra (300 PV is actually $750 as $2.5 = 1 PV but I subtracted $100 I saved by avoiding Wal-Mart)
$50 on Shipment, GST + PST of products
$100 extra fuel
$21 communiKate (Lite, not full version)
$10 website
= $1015 / month (extra)

If you do 50 PV retail, according to Quixtar rules, it’ll put 50 * 2.5 = 125 + retail profit = $200 back in your pocket making it $815. But please ask yourself;

  • Do you really retail 50 PV?
  • Is it taught to you as much as other stuff?
  • How many products have you sold at retail cost?

But on other hand, your conference expense might go up if you are a couple or need baby sitting etc.

Please note that I’m not trying to give you an exaggerated version of the cost. I’m

  • Talking about a plugged IBO, who is supposed to do 300 PV. In plan they show 100 PV, but when you become "serious", 300 PV is a must.
  • Not including leadership tapes
  • I drive Toyota corolla so my fuel expense was relatively less. And fuel is more expensive now.
  • I used communiKate Lite here, not full version
  • Cost of website is more now I guess. One Domain right?
  • In calculating conference expenses I stayed extremely low profile, calculating single person cost only.
  • I did not include the cost of lit packs, extra prospecting tapes and ridiculously expensive brochures. $30 for six peaces of paper!
  • I'm assuming you’ll not lose any lit pack / tape.
  • I did not include the cost of banquets and rallies in your city, as I am unable to determine their frequency. I’ve been into 6 of them in 9 months but Toronto is a big city! They usually cost $20 bucks.
  • You might say: So what, I’ll get tax benefit. I’ll write more on that soon. But the products purchased while chasing PV target are not tax deductibles.

So it comes to $800ish per month, if you are a core IBO, single person, don't need a baby sitter and retail 50PV at retail cost. And while many people bear them, what are their odds of making enough income? Please read the diamond myths while we are on that. And how much an IBO makes? Average income of an IBO (according to Quixtar): $1400 / year (That is gross, expenses not included. Sneaky eh!)

Chance of becoming a millionaire from Quixtar: 0.022%
Total number of Millionaire households in America: 4-6%

Just two last questions:

Did you know that cost of running this business will be this much?
If not then you were lied to.

Do you tell your prospects what is the cost of running this business?
If you don’t then you are lying.

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Sunday, August 22, 2004

Normal Business vs. Quixtar

A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.
George Bernard Shaw

Quixtar critics are usually called losers who just can't make it and now they are trying to stop every body else. Let me tell you my another "failure".

We started a vending machine business in year 2000. We bought a franchise for $30, 000 CAD including 17 vending machines and got them installed in different malls. Our parent franchise went bankrupt, left us with no marketing etc. This business generated $100 / month on average for 2 years, and then we took the machines off. We lost $30,000.

We joined Quixtar; quit it in less than a year, lost around $10k in it.

But I am not angry about 30, 000 we lost in vending machines business. Not at all. Sure, loss is 3 times than Quixtar. And I am fiercely angry at Quixtar. I’ll try to explain the reasons.

1) There’s still hope we can sell that business. Because we OWN it. That was a franchise, so is Quixtar, as they say it is. Can we sell our Quixtar business?

2) We were never told in the vending machine business that we can make millions. Just some extra hundreds. In Quixtar promises were so outrageous that now I am wondering how people get fooled into it? Well! Humans tend to trust each other.

3) Our first and only expense on the vending machine business was CAD $30,000. We had to buy material, but its price was very nominal. And we knew about it! In Quixtar, a person signs up thinking $350 (CAD) is the only cost but monthly expenses reaches around $1000. And this is excluding redirection from Food basic / Wal-mart.

$60 STO
$24 opens
$100 / month (6 trips to US, one trip cost AT LEAST $200)
300 PV => $650 extra (300 PV is actually $750 but I subtracted $100 I saved by avoiding Wal-Mart)
Shipment, GST + PST on product = $50
$100 extra fuel
$21 Kate
$10 website
= $1015 / month (extra)

Are prospects told this is the running cost of quixtar business, assholes?

4) When the vending machines business was dying, our expenses reduced. Less material sold means less material need to be bought. Same goes with time required. In Quixtar, both remains the same, rather increase since SOBs (Sons of bitches) push more tapes on you.

5) We didn’t have to cash-in our relationships to make profit in vending machine business. In Quixtar, family and friends are the first one for STP.

6) We didn’t think about vending machines all the time. We, however missed no opportunity to talk to the strangers for Quixtar, and were busy listening / talking to upline / downline for rest of the time.

7) We never felt guilty in vending machine business for not making enough sales, and no one tried to make us. No body neither insulted us, nor begged us. We were not supposed to do these things as well.

8) There was no fucking quota to meet.

9) We didn’t have to go to any association in our or other country to 'learn the business'. And don’t get me started on those damn associations. I’ve written about them in my previous posts.

10) For vending machine franchise, I don’t have to worry that there are other people out there loosing money in this scam. It was just a business which, for some genuine reasons did not work. Maybe if I sell it to some body that has enough resources, this might work.

I'll try to summarize it. I don’t feel bad if I didn’t succeed in a legal business. I do feel guilty, angry and embarrassed when I’m been scammed, and I am used to scam other people.

Let me know if I should think differently. Should I be angry at my failure at vending machine business as well? Should I feel ok with Quixtar? And why?

It seems to me that loss of time and money is not that big a deal. $30K / 10 hours a week for 2 years vs $10K / 25 hours a week for less then a year. Both are losses, yet I'm quite ok with one and so not with the other.

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Saturday, August 21, 2004

Core Step 8: Accountability

As long as the world shall last there will be wrongs, and if no man objected and no man rebelled, those wrongs would last forever.
Clarence Darrow

They said: You build this business with accountability. Stay accountable to your group. If you promise your upline that you’re going 1000 PV, do it. If you promise your downline to STP for them, do it.

Translation: Ok I’m back from puking. First these weasels tell you the power of spoken word and make you commit to a promise. They say it won’t happen until you say it. Now when you say it, you have to do it. And doing it means beg, rob or steal, do the required PV.

Didn’t we deserve any accountability, assholes?

  • We were told that you’ll go platinum via 6-4-2 in 4-6 months.
  • We were told your friends or family definitely gonna join this; it would be either you or some other IBO who approached them first so we better hurry.
  • We were told it’s a very simple business and any body can do it in spare time.
  • We were told it’s a joke to do 300 PV.

Yeah right! $800 is a joke. How can you see yourself in mirror? What are you feeding your kids? Blood sucked out of people who were methodologically deceived into trusting you?

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Friday, August 20, 2004


Yes, you heard it; Imran can prove Quixtar doesn’t suck, contradicting every thing that Quixtar critics have said. Pack up your bags, commie liberals.

Imran has received numerous unanimous emails, some he read when he was awake, and some when he was not. Also, Jesus, Moses and God have directly spoken to Imran and Imran has enough facts that he can prove Quixtar does not suck.

So all red commie liberals, blue ex-IBOs, green tree huggers, white radical fundamentalists, black urak hais, dark ringwraiths, yellow journalists, stupid fat hobbits and dumbass IBOs, behold! Imran is going to reveal the truth upon earth.

Click here for a proof that Quixtar doesn’t suck.

If you don't have a javascript browser, go Diamond so you can afford a non-amish machine.
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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Core Step 7: Seminars

I have never killed a man, but I have read many obituaries with great pleasure.
Clarence Darrow

They Say: In these seminars, all diamonds get together to teach the IBOs. These seminars are very important as you’ll get a boost in your business after attending them. If you don’t then you’ll never grow.

Translation: Let’s say 20,000 IBOs attended FED. And Lets say they pay ticket of $85 / head. This equals to $1,650,000. This will be distributed in 20 or so diamonds, every one taking a hefty share.

Diamonds give you a code to book the hotel room. They buy rooms, some times at cheaper price and sell you, some times more than the regular rent. Every diamond has their own code used by their team. I’ll quote a buddy of mine DMM from quixtarblog here who has done some convention work:
I've done some convention work, and you would be surprised what kind of deals you can make, especially if you are willing to go in the off-season. If you can guarantee and deliver just 10 hotel rooms, most hotels will give you a 25% discount per room and a free suite. If you can guarantee 100 rooms, you are talking about 50% off advertised rates and several free suites. At 4 people/room, we are only talking about a convention of 400 people. If a room is advertised at $120/night, even at a discounted price of $75/night, if a diamond charges each participant $50/night, he is getting $200/night for a room that only costs him $75. Multiply by one hundred rooms, and it can add up to a nice chuck of change, not to mention, the diamond gets his room for free!

And yes, many facilities will waive rental costs, including hotels and other venues. Simply, more money can be made with concessions (why do you think you can't take your own food in with you) and/or parking. Some cities might even waive a fee for a cut of what is sold on the property during the convention (tools and other crap sold at functions).

I suggest next time you hear of a function and of the costs, call up the hotel where they are staying and ask what the advertised rates are for the same time period (or do some web searching on Expedia/Travelocity/etc.) and see what rate you can get. Also ask how much the rooms would cost if were going to get 10 rooms? 25 rooms? 100 rooms? Just say you are doing some convention research. You will find that the diamonds charge outrageous room prices. At similar hotels, IBO's are paying for a weekend, what I used to get for a full week (including weekend) for a room. The difference? I was working with a non-profit that did not overcharge and keep the difference, whereas the big pins are.
Also, there are many times when the city will allow you to use their convention center or stadium for free because of all the business generated through the functions (hotels/car rentals/food, etc). Many people confirmed this. Which means, whatever we are paying, hotel + seminar ticket, most of it is going straight in diamonds pocket, as they hardly have to pay for any expense.

And now, what is in these seminars any way? Same hype? You pay so much money to hear the same crap over and over again? They compare it to college, BULL CRAP. In college you study new thing EVERY day.

You go ealry, sleep late. If you are eagle, you gotta skip one night sleep. Rush for the seat. Laugh at same old stupid jokes. Stand up, clap and hear same stories again. And the numbers, how mnay people who go to these seminars make it up on stage? Most of them are not there next time any way. And here is a big secret. Many people on stage are not currently qualified diamonds either. A Big whoop! Click here to find out the truth.

I have a better idea. Instead of going to a seminar, take your girlfriend / wife out for camping. If you are young and healthy, canoe up to an Island if you can. Leave computers, movies and books all distractions behind. Take enough food for 2,3 days and just be with her. Talk to her. Re-connect. Enjoy what you have and realize you have something so precious. You'll feel better than a diamond on your way back.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Most Honest Quixtar Plan

I know I have to complete the Quixtar info series I started but I am getting the revelation now ... what can I do?

So here is the most honest Quixtar plan. I challenge you to find a more honest Quixtar plan on earth! And it’s brief too. Trust me! I had seen 2 hours long plans. As much as I hate you, I would never do that to you.

So here it goes:

The Plan

Hello guys. My name doesn't matter, so is yours. I'm here to explain you the Quixtar plan. That’s right, Q-U-I-X-T-A-R, the same shitty company, illegitimate child of pimpish Amway. I won't waste your time in a ridiculous dream building mumbo jumbo. I know you’re greedy all right. Here is a circle, that’s you.

Now all you have to do is pimp out your friends and family. When you run out of them you gotta find the other suckers. Y'all know this world is full of suckers who are as greedy as you are and will come running when they’ll hear money. Now you find some losers and bring them to the meeting. Some morons will join you, some won't. How many jackasses do you know?

A List: Ok let’s start how to pimp out your friends and family first. This is easy stuff as you already know their weaknesses. What about your sister who just got divorced and looking for an opportunity to meet people? And your uncle Joe, who talks to himself since his wife died? How about your mom and dad who are way too lonely since you don't give a shit about them anymore? They'll do anything to have your company won't they? Just get their butts on the seat and any moron will be happy to kiss their asses and sell them this shit. You follow up with them and there is your pimping out part. Harass, beg or yell, get those retards sign up.

B List: How about your colleagues who just got laid off? They’ve got some good severance shit and very eager to invest it wisely. Get them! Tell them to bring their portfolios etc. They'll come running! Invite them to the conference. You know they got the money to go there. After the conference those idiots will have no choice since they’ve spent most of their severance. Now they got to screw other people to get their money back. Sweet eh! And remember these seminars are where the gold is hidden! Seminars, books and tapes.

C List: By the time you have screwed these people, you'll be a real tough sunuvabitch ready for the fresh meat. Go to the mall. Look out for the snobs wearing good dresses and fat wallets. Find an excuse to chat with them. Aim is to get their phone number. Hide if you have to, and corner them when you can so they have to talk to you. Don't let them go until they give you their phone numbers. Then call them. Don't EVER put the phone down until they agree to meet you. Now show them the plan!

How to further squeeze these ass holes? Simple! Same cycle again, pimp em out till they order! Beg, harass or yell and beat the PV out of them! Keep selling seminars, tapes and book. Those are shitty alright, but they'll keep the suckers longer.

Smart ones of these morons will start doing what you are doing, i.e. pimping other ppl out and squeezing their wallets by beating the PV out of them.

You got to have a real tough skin, be a stubborn sunnuvabitch and teach other people to be the same.

I won't waste your time in showing you the numbers, as they all are in that stupid looking file I gave ya. As much as I doubt your intelligence, I know you can understand those numbers. It's a pyramid, idiot! As simple as that. And if you haven't figured out yet, products are just a decoy. Tapes, book and seminars are the real money maker. You need to move enough products to qualify for that(tool) money. Get more ppl to go on top, and suck their blood as long as you can. Be a Dracula, go Diamond. Don't EVER tell any body about the return policy of the tools! It's just to keep the feds away.

Now, sign up, pah-lease! Else I won't let ya go......
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Monday, August 16, 2004

Core Steps: Step 5 & 6: Books and Tapes

As long as the world shall last there will be wrongs, and if no man objected and no man rebelled, those wrongs would last forever.
Clarence Darrow

They say: Books make you a better person. The moment you stop learning, you stop growing. Not all the readers are leaders, but all the leaders and readers. Tapes: There are conferences all over the North America all the time. One can’t be at all conferences, so BWW releases tapes so every one can benefit from them. Be on standing order, one book a month and one tape a week program. This is an eagle step and it will help you a lot to build this business. In fact, you can't build this business without them. (yes I heard it, many times)

Translation: SCAM!
Cost of production of a tape, $1 CAD MAX! They charge $10.
They get books at discount from Amazon as they order in bulk, and sell you at retail.

Try ordering 1000 books from Amazon, and see how much discount you get! They charge you much more than that price. Standing order is $50 - $70 CAD / month. FTC said any product which has no end customers should not be sold to the participants. I’d venture to say 70 – 80 % of diamond income come from the tools.

When I was in the business, none of the weasels told me the return policy of this dumb shit. I didn’t know so I didn’t tell my downline. After I joined then I learned BSMAA return policy. Many poor people are forced to sell these items on eBay. Scroll down and see the tapes on sale in eBay. It reflects the hard earned income, lesser kids meals and missed husband wife fun. Help your business, my ass.

Many IBOs, who are still in, says that these books make you a better person etc. Listen dumb ass, who the fuck is criticizing books? It’s the push and rip-off I am talking about. If those blood suckers want the best for you, why on earth they are charging you retail on the books which they get in discount?

And tapes: What they do: Promote system / products and demote EVERY thing else. They bash jobs, outside business friends and family, other businesses, every thing. How are they helping on any thing other than the business?

Oh and are they helping in the business? Tell me the numbers. Tell me, how many people who are listening to tapes make profit? Or even break even. Tell me how according to their tax returns. Not the net income box, the profit box. Are they in red or above it? Back it up with solid numbers.

Majority, I’d say 99% have lost time and money on them.

Millions have lost Billions because of this scam.
People profiting for tool business are sick blood suckers who’ll not hesitate to steal your kids meal if it ‘need to be done’ and will screw their own mother by pushing tapes on her.

To be continued...
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Sunday, August 15, 2004

Nine Core steps (BWW)

I am writing three part "info" what is required by an IBO. First one will explain the 9 core steps. Second will explain the time required to build Quixtar Business, 3rd one will explain the cost of being an IBO.

Nine core steps are being taught to every IBO. Any one serious building this business should do these steps(I was told, on opens and other seminars). This involve time, and money! Nobody has earned any money from Quixtar without having a team following these steps, or most of these steps(again, this was taught to us). I haven't seen any body being able to get enough bonus by avoiding them(now I have, I came to know there are some groups building quixtar without motivational organization). People who are following these core steps are called CORE. Whatever your targets are, either to make millions or just have a second income, these core steps are a must(Tape + Seminar talk).

We were told "You won't make any money if you don't have a downline doing most of these steps. And to have your downline doing it, you have to do them". Duplication eh!

So here are the 9 core steps. I’ll try to explain them separately.

1) STP (Show the plan, share the plan)

They say: To show the plan 3-5 times a week. This STP could be either to your prospects or to your downline’s prospect. Unless you start showing the plan yourself, not many people will join you. Your worst plan is the one you did not show and your best plan gonna be the next one. Showing the plan is done by 3 ways: Invite prospects to the open, one-on one or home meeting.
At least 4 evenings of your week are gone. These 3-5 plans mean ‘your’ prospect, your downline prospects are after that. Those are also very important as you won’t retain any downline if they don't have any further downline. To show 3-5 plans, you have to QI as well, which will take further 1 or 2 evenings. You have to prospect people in Mall / Church / Mosque to add people to your ‘List’. I’ll describe the time required later in time required to be an IBO.

2) 300 Personal PV.

They say: Any one serious in doing the business should do 300 PV. Eat 100, use 100 and sell 100.
Translation: You GOT to do 300 PV. Upline won’t care if you have sold 100 PV or not. Good luck selling these overpriced items. A friendly suggestion: use SAM, or master retailing eSpring. One eSpring every month is a must! It will bring 270 PV and $200 ish retail profit if you are able to sell it at retail price. Good luck with retailing $900 product as well.

3) Have 10 customers

They say: Having a customer will finance you expenses in the business.
Translation: Nobody in your upline will EVER ask you if you have any customers. They will NEVER help you to find them. You are on your own. This rule was enforced just to save Amway from the IRE of law!

4) Association:

They say: To build this business, you have to associate with people who are building this business. This means:
- A weekly open meeting where they show the plan in a hotel. Every IBO pays $6 CAD to attend it and bring their prospects.
- QUEST: Quixtar User Education and System Training. QUEST is usually held at some core IBO, higher the better. These are local associations.
Translation: Same thing is repeated over and over again from different angles, cult type mind control. Books and Tapes are promoted in both, and Products in QUEST only.

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Friday, August 13, 2004

Quixtar is dying?

A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.
Henry Ford

I dunno, is this business exploding or dying a slow, painful death? Just surfed in this site and it said:

In the mid 90’s the company said the “business” had about 7 billion dollars in retail sales. If I am not mistaken that figure, which today includes all of the Alticor business, is in the $4.5 billion range.

Well, maybe! One can make some people fool all the times, and all people fool some of the times, but nobody can make all people fool all the times!"

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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Quixtar Products

A market is never saturated with a good product, but it is very quickly saturated with a bad one.
Henry Ford

I have seen many critic sites about Quixtar. Almost all of them criticize the tool scam, lies told to public, vulture type prospect hunting, invitation to secret….err… open meetings, upline push for volume and tools, overpriced products etc. Oh boy, just type in the word Quixtar in and it will open a can of worms! Don’t forget to visit the second link, its more important than first one ;) First one is behind the password so you can’t do much there. :)

Even some of the critics said that products are good. Overpriced, but good. When I was in the business, I religiously believed so. Like the majority of IBOs does. I’ve left the business, but I’m still in good terms with my sponsor. I was there this Sunday night to return some things (yeah! tapes). I really like that couple. I doubt if they are making any money though, as they go to US for conferences every other month. I really wanted to help them. I heard about XS a lot. I am their client for 2 products (Glister toothpaste, Fuel Freedom) and they give me IBO price. Cool eh!

I asked for XS and bought a Cranberry XS for 2.5 CAD bucks. I was thinking that in office, I have to chug down crapy coffee with a lot of sugar, XS will be cool. Sweet, low in carbs and stuffed with vitamins. I’ll be more healthy and I might be able to help this good couple by promoting it to some of my fat colleagues :)

I tried it when I came home. I wanna sing “Nausea heartburn upset stomach indigestion diarrhea, yea pepto-bismol". Yeah! It tasted so much like it! Pepto-bismol + cough medicine! I asked my sister to taste it. Her taste buds always work opposite than mine. She said the same thing!

And it gets better, after two hours my belly starts speaking “Thump thump thump”. Has any one seen that cute ad?

I don’t know if my stomach got fired up because of XS or not. But taste was crapy for sure. I’m not gonna try another brand, and forget about promoting it! My friends would kill me!

And I remember the products I tried because of the “promotion” of upline. Strawberry shake, vanilla shake, protein bars. A big YUCK! These damn shakes are allergic to water, they doesn’t mix! I bought a Trim advantage shaker glass for 15 bucks, (which should be 3 bucks max) to mix them. Mixing is another story. After some use, it start smelling so bad! Washed it with LOC dish drops, than with name brands. Smell won’t go! And protein bars, don’t get me started! I only liked chocolate coconut food bar.

Also tried Dry-cleaner secret. It DOESN’T clean! Just kills the smell of sweat.

I remember trying ginseng. I was 25 year old and boy! My mojo was un-necessarily high! I’m scared to even name that vitamin now.

Sure, some products are good. I won’t compare them with other name brands. One thing I know, in my self consumption of 300 PV, I was spending $650 extra. Here’s the math.

300 PV = 300 * 2.5 = $750
Redirection saving from wal-mart = $100
Extra money spent on products every month
= $750 - $100
= $650

Retail, what retail? We were sponsored by saying that "there is no sales! Just buy for yourself and tell others to do the same". Retail was scorned in every quest by saying that it will not be a repeat business.

Even if you do the recommended retail of 50 PV using client cost it will be:

Retail Revenue = 50 * 3 = 150
I am using $3 / PV as it's client cost.
Extra money spent = $650 - $150 = $500

Good lucks selling Quixtar items at client cost! It's hard enough to sell at IBO cost!

Also, how many people have been in and out of Amway | Quixtar since 1959? According to it is 40 million. Many of them would have tried some of these products. If products were THAT good and concentrated, won’t they be buying from Quixtar? If they are, than why sales are decreasing from $7B to $4.5 B since 1997? (Source:, Quixtar public releases)

A final note: NO McDonalds owner always eats only from McDonalds! Talk about loyal to your own business! And who is pictured in every secret…err.. open meeting? McDonalds! Founder of franchising! Mr. Ray Crok.

He was a genius, but IBOs are ......!
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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Uplinely feeling

We visited Algonquin Provincial Park last month. It was wonderful! Algonquin has breath taking beauty of Canada, and one can see nature at its purest there. Every time we visit there, we always see a Moose. So many activities, so few people. We just love it.

We did make a mistake though. After covering some short trails easily, we took on an 11 km trail. Mainly because this trail had wildlife sighting. First problem we faced was mud! Ground was muddy because of the rain last night and our speed was very slow! My sister was with us, who is not very skilled in such activities. Another problem was mosquitoes. As soon as we started sweating, mosquitoes attacked us. As my 12 year old brother, Bumpi said, "We are all-you-can-eat buffet for mosquitoes".


Within first hour, we all thought that it's stupid to go back now. That was a mistake, as there were 9 more kilometers ahead, and due to our slow speed and mud, it turned out to be 4 more hours!

We saw in first 15 minutes that few people are turning back. We thought nah! They are losers. We can do it. It's no big deal. It's just mud; we'll wash our cloths later. After that for next 4 hours it was just us, no one else! We and voices of some birds. Honestly, I was little scared. If it was just me and Irfan (brother younger than me, 23), I won't be. But it was my whole family, my sister, 12 year old Bumpi and my father. I think my sister Ayesha was a bit scared, but she would never admit :)

Anyways, trail became muddy, dry, steep, and easy and we kept walking. My father, Bumpi and Aysha surprised us, specially my father; he was with my sister all the time and he never asked for a break. Maybe that was because of our slow speed due to mud.

2 km before the end, I saw a big foot print in front of us. I and my best friend, Bumpi were leading. We paused, discussed for a while, then I send Irfan back with Dad and Ayesha. Bumpi and I took the lead again. This time I asked Bumpi to stay few feet behind me, in case the foot print owner is near by! Print seemed very new, and I picked a fat looking stick from the ground. Wasn't sure if I can fight with it.

We resumed, a bit cautious. Now we were walking in thick grass, four feet tall! Algonquin park has done a great job putting marks on the trail, otherwise it was hard to differentiate track from the wilderness. Mosquitoe attack was intense. I must have lost few table spoons of blood! Bumpi was extremely annoyed by mosquitoes now. We were wearing bandanas, as you can see from his picture, but our hands and faces were being gnawed off! Bumpi was at times, dancing because of bugs!

It was the last kilometer, poor Bumpi was dog tired now and he wanted to take a break. But we couldn't stop because we were running away from the damn bugs! We kept walking, and I started 'motivating' Bumpi. Like just a few more steps and we are there, just behind that rock, just behind those trees etc.

After a bit of these 'motivation', Bumpi, dog tired, mosquito bitten, extremely thirsty turned towards me and said, "I think you are bitten by too many mosquitoes. You are getting Illusions!". I felt like an upline whose downline searched the internet!

Worst part, I didn't make any money at all ;)

PS: I made Irfan canoe carry the family with me after that.

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Sunday, August 08, 2004

I dare ya! All IBOs

If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up.
J. M. Power

Hello all IBOs out there. You guys have some faith! I mean some real serious faith. Can you prove Quixtar works? Can you prove this “Motivational Business” is not a scam? I dare ya! Come to this Forum and defend the “System”. Invite your diamonds to come there as well. After all, they have all the time in the world don’t they? Ask them to do all IBOs a favor and defend their scam….err business. That is an open forum, and as far as I’ve experienced, no one deletes any post unless it contains profane language. Express yourself there. Prove the critics wrong. Prove Quixtar is not ripping people off. Prove majority of people succeed in Quixtar. I dare ya!

At any give time, 99.9 % of you are losing money. That’s right! I am not talking about those little cheques you are receiving from Quixtar. I’m talking about those cheques – system costs – cost of buying all those expensive products. That’s right, a simple business formula.

Profit = Gross profit – expenses

Don’t tell me you are at this pin level or that ping level. Tell me, how much profit you are making? Calculate all your expenses honestly and tell me, are you making any money? I’ll make it simple. Don’t tell me, tell yourself.

I read in a standing order book: “Definition of insanity is doing same thing over and over again expecting different result”.

Here is other news! Just one in every 342 IBOs qualified as a Q12 platinum.

Source: Quixtar reported 1461 Q12's.

Here is what I’ve found in this site: Can Any Amway/Quixtar’s cult explain any of the following:

Quote from the above site: (

Chance of becoming a millionaire from Quixtar: 0.022%
Total number of Millionaire households in America: 4-6% Quote:
Quixtar seems to be for the people with IQ less than 70 or 60. Otherwise why would the percentage of IBOs who are millionaire is lower than that of the entire US as a whole? One would be much better off by being just another person in the crowd of 270 million people of the US than being an IBO of Amway/Quixtar.


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Saturday, August 07, 2004

What is wrong with being bitter?

Hello guys! As you have seen that I am doing some research on these sneaky MLMs for a while, especially mother of all ...... MLMs, Quixtar. I have came across with some sites which are, or at least claim to be, Neutral. These websites says that they research mostly neutral people, get an outsider perspective or at least hear from the people who saw the plan first time. Many critics start writing that “I am not a bitter, failed IBO. However…”

What’s wrong with being bitter? Bitter means some one who had a bad experience and now s/he feels he was tricked into something not worthy of time and money. So? For me a bitter or failed person is a much better source of information than any oh-so-precious outsiders, who don’t know jack about Quixtar. Please understand, Quixtar and its AMQOs (BWW etc.) are very secretive. Chances for outsiders knowing something are pretty slim. In their outsider analysis, they skip many things that they never knew and make some blunders.

I am not saying that a bitter person should be the only source of information. However he should not be dismissed altogether. Who would you talk to about suffering of war? A war victim / veteran or some bubbly celebrity who can’t even spell war. (Or at least pretend they can’t)

I am also annoyed by these self righteous hypocritical sneaky fellas called journalists. I have read in many sites owned by journalist that how they dismiss ‘bitter’ IBOs and seek out only for the ‘Neutral’ information about Quixtar. So they can put ‘Neutral’ and ‘Un Biased’ information on their site / newspaper. Oh really! So journalists try real hard to be un-biased? I don’t think so! They do give news a spin. They do express their opinions. How much fucked up CNN is? They make up stories. They spread rumors. They publish whatever sells (non-profit sites are exempt). Do they do it all the time? No. Do they never do it? Nope! I am not making an anti-journalist point, all I am saying is if they can ‘express’ their opinions, what is wrong considering a failed, bitter IBOs opinions? I mean what the fuck! For me Bitter IBOs opinions value much more than outsider opinions.

Also, they don’t seem very straight forward to me. I don’t know if they are paid for the words they write or asses they kiss or whatever (with the exemption of non-profit sites). For example, I have not heard a lot of news ppl saying that War on Iraq was a clear aggression of a superpower against a poor, helpless country who’s dictator was appointed by America itself and he was used many times for the benefit of America! How many American journalists have said that? All they say is, “Uh…Intelligence gave wrong report…umm Mr. President Almighty did what the report said….guards did not know about Geneva conventions, they did not know forcing prisoners to have sex with each other and taking their pictures is not right. Prison guards did a very tough job…..blah blah God bless America blah blah Long live the Queen blah blah terrorism is bad blah blah oil-ism is good.

Shut the Fuck up! Just say what you, I and the whole world know pretty damn well! Why are you sugar quoting it? What you are doing is putting ketchup on a crap and forcing public to eat it, and say ‘yum’ after it!

Similarly, these same damn journalists (TV and Newspaper ones), apparently knowing the abuses done by Quixtar and it’s daddies, Motivational Organizations, keep putting news, “Quixtar products are good, XS has a new flavor, Quixtar in Spanish, blah blah. Shut the fuck up! It’s like saying “American soldiers killed and are still killing many innocent people, but their weapons were not tested on animals”. If you don’t have any testicoli, get some backbone at least!

I know there was a recent media coverage about Quixtar / BWW in dateline. Compare it to the percentage of the ‘positive’ news about Quixtar. Millions losing Billions, press kept dildo in their mouths. Quixtar buys some team or give some charity, dildos are out and cheers are published. All I am asking is, publish the whole picture. Quixtar did something good, publish it. They fooled millions of ppl, publish it! Keep the fucking balance!

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Friday, August 06, 2004

Power of spoken word

When I look back into my entire Quixtar venture, I find out how this all was done 'orally'. From prospecting to training, all verbal. It made me think that why is there so much emphasizes on oral communication. Why I am not given some written material? There are some written brochures and sites but the total 'writing' I encountered was less than the words I have written here. And I am just one person with a job, two cats and a 12 year old brother! BWW alone has many employees and more than 100, 000 IBOs.

It just seems odd to me that a business who emphasis on saving time via duplication, and calls its model 'franchising', will expect the IBOs to do all the talking and no writing / internet. Sure one can't completely avoid talking; specially the sales guys, but just get some balance here.

There are many advantages from an IBO point of view of keeping the business 'Oral'.

  • No record of outrageous claims

  • Intimidation

  • Ease to avoid hard questions

  • Building and manipulating friendships

  • Peer pressure

These tactics were used on us and many other ppl. When I talk to my sponsor, I respect his age (he is as old as my father). I have a hard time telling him he is involved in a scam. I also end up agreeing with him to stop the conversation. When I told I quit, my upline kept talking to me on the phone for 1.5 hours. I was at work! Finally I said ok I'll go to the seminar and I’ll do whatever you want me to do. Which I didn't :) But the point is, if someone just keeps talking, the other person will surrender with a lame excuse as s/he would be bored as hell!

Also, after realizing I had no receipts for tapes, seminars etc. (BSM Return policy eh!). I now understand why!! I can't even file a complaint claiming my upline said this. I have no proof!

I love email and written material. I can copy | paste and reply it very easily, at my own CONVENIENCE. I can think well before answering and my answer will not be based on intimidation, pressure, emotion or boredom. Well, mostly! I can back up my claims with URLs. I may also ask for proof / stats and research on them easily.

IBOs are fed with so much tape talk. They use it day in day out while a normal person need some time to prepare his / her response. Which is not so easy in 1-1 conversation.

Another thing is friendship. Human beings, at least me has a weakness to avoid direct confrontation to an apparently friendly person. I seek out to find a mutual ground where we both can agree so I can get the hell out :) In writing I find myself brutally honest and questioning every thing, including myself.

I am becoming quite a fan of open discussion forums. I dare ya all IBOs!! COREs, Eagles, Platinums, Diamonds and CAMs. Start an open discussion forum. Invite EVERY ONE there. Moderate profane language only but that's it. On second though, no. Don't even moderate that. Some one using profane language just make himself look bad. Let every one know about that forum, and then prove them wrong. Can you? Can you hold yourself their? Are you a winner big enough? Are you secure enough? I am challenging ya!

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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Who exactly I have a problem with?

In order to be an immaculate member of a flock of sheep, one must above all be a sheep oneself.
Albert Einstein

For a while, I was thinking about my involvement with Quixtar, and I was wondering "Who I have a problem with?" Quixtar? Or BWW? My upline or my sponsor? I would be objective here:


They are basically a portal on which people build their businesses. I actually don't have any beef with them. I'd try to be even more objective, so here it goes:


  • Excellent products: They are 20-50% more expensive but it was upline + BWW push to do 300PV, not them. They even have average IBO income stated and have 50 PV retail rule. Good old Shoppers Drug Mart is also quite expensive, so I don't have a problem here.

  • Customer Service: I have not received better customer service anywhere else! Their buy back guarantee is awesome, I’ve returned a lot of items :)


They turn a blind eye to all the abuses done by BWW and other Motivational organizations. In their response to the NBC Dateline segment, they defended themselves, not BWW or other QMOs (Quixtar motivational organizations) while no one actually attacked them! They refused to appear on Dateline show, while they were given a chance, and put a recorded response way before the dateline show was even aired. I don't know why they are hiding? They should enforce mlm rules more strictly. But as Ken McDonald said to Bo Short, "What would happen to the business"

BWW (Britt World wide)


  • Learned public speaking, people skills

  • Learned very good teachings from books


  • An QMO, responsible for doing some not-so-legal stuff i.e. moving a product that has no end customer, like tapes / books / seminars. Their representatives sucked me in, and 'motivated' me to waste money in expensive products. I have a pile of tapes sitting on my home, full with hype and bashing everything other than the "system". Average cost to be a core:

  • $60 STO + $24 opens + $100 / month (6 trips to US, one trip cost AT LEAST $200) + 300 PV => $650 extra (300 PV is actually $750 but I subtracted $100 I saved by avoiding Wal-Mart) + $50 extra fuel + $21 Kate + $10 website = $915 / month

And my upline said how one could loose money in this business! Priceless! ($915 x 9 months!)


Well, I won't talk about my personal experiences with them. If some of my relatives read it, it would be hard for me to refrain them from getting physical against that dude. I'll picture a general, business view of them.


  • Drove several time from US to Canada for me

  • Worked on my prospects

  • Spent time talking / yelling at me


  • Make me spent $900 ish a month, including push for seminars, tapes, leadership tapes and put order on 30th, which is still stocked. I’ve left more than a year now!

  • I was not told the number and cost of conferences, STO, traveling involved. I should've known so I could make an informed decision.

  • Brainwashed, or try to brainwash me that system is only thing good in the world, rest is pure evil.

  • Put religion second, business first attitude.

  • When I told I quit, kept talking to me on phone for 1.5 hours while I was at the office and he was at home

  • Called me several time on my cell, resulting huge bill, despite my request not to

  • Told me FTC approved this business. FTC never stamp on any business, it just has some guidelines. BWW violates some of them!



  • Never pushed me to sign me in, never begged me not to quit
  • Always calm, cool and nice
  • Helped me on daily basis
  • Lend me lit packs, books and tapes


  • Lied to me, by giving impression that they are making profit. I really doubt they are making any profit to date, which at least covers their expense. There were $5K worth of tapes in their guest room last time I saw!

  • I was not told the number and cost of conferences, STO, traveling involved. I should've known so I could make an informed decision.

  • When I quit, they told me after a month that I was not doing business properly. Dude! I was with you at least one hour daily for a year, why didn't you tell me then? I did whatever you told me!

I have asked about the refund on tools and products from my sponsor. That will be the real test of character. I've yet to see!

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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Pigs don't know pigs stink

This is the name of a BWW tape, not negative ol me bashing all free enterprise :)

This tape says how ppl doing a JOB are pigs, and they don't know that how stinky job is, as every one around them has a job. So, Pigs don't know pigs stink.

Let me carry this statement a little further. I won't call who is a pig and who is not, but I'll very humbly try to let the 'pigs' know they stink. Hey you started it! I am using your tape title. After all, you know so many nuggets of wisdom that rhymes and poetic brainy quotes.

So here it goes, p*** don't know that:

And some data from that page: quote:
  1. 67.7% of IBOs who registered in 2001, did not renew in 2002.
  2. The average IBO had just 0.23 members and clients registered
  3. Only 18.4% of IBOs registered even one person.
  4. The average IBO had 38.5 PV/month. (100PV is shown in the plan)
  5. 65.6% of IBOs never once attained 100 personal PV in the previous 11 months.
  6. 21.5% of IBOs had a ditto delivery profile
  7. Only 1.9% of Members and Clients had ditto delivery profiles.
  8. The average PV point cost $2.70.

And on the same site:
Rich DeVos said:
Now, the tape business, if it is not used as a support for the Amway business, will oftentimes be an illegal business -- in fact, it could be called a pyramid -- because, d -- does not get sold to the consumer. Which means that all the tape business does is take money out of the organization, and because the final person can't retail it, it never brings money into the organization. Now, I'm not arguing about the value of it -- we accept the fact that motivation is vital to this business. Good, honest motivation is important to the business. But, it must be motivation that builds the business -- not become a business in itself.


Rich DeVos said:
Let me talk to you about the legal side, beyond price fixing, that deals with pyramids, that deals with the illegal operation of a business that does not have an end consumer, where the product is not retailed. That would include all books and tapes. The sad news, folks, is that when those things go out that way and they become excessive,

Btw, if you don't know, Rich DeVos was the owner and co founder of Amway.

I just saw this tape in my tape collection, and I think, if BWW can bash jobs, business and every thing else, I have every right to criticize it, why not?

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What is wrong with the "System"?

Yes, what exactly is wrong with the System (of Quixtar TM, e.g. BWW TM)? It gives people opportunity to make money. If some one hasn’t been successful, s/he should change some thing. After all:

Businesses work, people don't

Ok here is what’s wrong. Quixtar System, in my opinion, is not completely in accordance with FTC rules. "System" teaches it that way. Please read FTC site.

And more:

In a nutshell, here are my concerns:

Not so legal activity 1: Does every IBO meet the 50 PV retail rule? My upline told me to report 50 PV as retail. Did I "retail" 50 PV, NO! I was told to lie.

Not so legal activity 2: In pyramids, a product, which has no value outside the pyramid, should not be sold to participants. What about the "system"? How many retail customers will buy tapes? Quixtar saves its ass by saying it is optional, but "system" tells so is success, and one must be on standing order to show their seriousness. And seminars, oh man! Try to be in good books of your upline while not attending them.

Not so legal activity 3: If I am behind my quota, I should not be receiving call from some upline to complete my order. I can't retail in last hour! I'll end up stocking. Stocking => Illegal!! I've received such calls. And after a year of quitting, I still have those stocked products, along with the pile of tapes.

I lost time and money in BWW TM / Quixtar TM. Am I alone? Nope! There are 40 million ppl who have joined and left Quixtar TM / Amway TM in last 40 years.

There are 400,000 active IBOs in North America. How many of them are making money? I am talking about the profit section of their Income Tax return, not the net income box.

And here is the best: It is a negative some game. At any given time, This Quixtar / BWW pyramid as a whole is losing money. How the top dudes make money? By product movement and system push to their downline. What is the average income of an active IBO? According to Quixtar, $115. And it is a net profit, including bonus coming from one’s own shopping. What is the average expense of the system? STO + expensive self consumed products + Seminars + gas + baby sitting etc. Lets say $300, a very conservative figure. How these guys pay for it? Ironically, Jay Oh Bee. So what is “System” doing? Sucking money into it. As a whole, at any give time, whole organization is losing money. As there are some expenses going outside the system, e.g. travel etc.

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Dateline story: An IBO response

He that is of the opinion money will do everything may well be suspected of doing everything for money.
Benjamin Franklin

Today, I contacted an IBO. I asked him a question: "Hey buddy, do you know Quixtar was on TV". He said yeah I watched it. Then he asked me "Are you in Quixtar"? I said no, I quit. He asked "Because of this TV segment?" And he said he is sorry that my life is controlled by TV etc. And I should see Quixtar Facts blah blah and listen to all the responses. One thing that really pissed me off was when he said there is a lot of negative coverage about Islam as well on TV. Will you quit Islam as well?

I had no intention of getting into a debate when I asked him. I just found that segment hilarious. But this ridicules comparison of Islam made me say that please don't compare apples sky. There is no comparison.

To the all positive people out there, who want to argue with me about TV credibility, please:

1) Refrain yourself from giving this ridiculous example of religion vs. Quixtar when we talk about media coverage.

My upline have told me that exact line, it’s a typical Quixtar programmed talk. I could answer it very well. I’ve seen negative sites about religion. They did not shatter my beliefs a single bit. I saw negative sites about Quixtar, and more I read, more I’m convinced that it’s an illegal scam. So what it is? Some sites working some not working? Actually it’s not the sites or TV but it’s the GOD DAMN content there that matters!!

But his example is so absurd that I may give you a psychiatrist’s card if you say it one more time! It’s like comparing Moon light with bud light or apple with Mount Everest.

Let me give you a better example. Compare business with a business. Ask me there is a lot of crap about Microsoft, why I am still using Microsoft products? Answer being: Microsoft products, as evil as they are, are still MORE feasible to me than all other software out there. They do, well almost do what they are suppose to do, i.e. deliver the promise. I may not be a happy customer but I am their customer, and I’ll continue to be as long as they help me do my work. As simple as that.

Here is a lesson for you in the above example, quixbots: There is nothing in the world that is perfect, even near to perfection. There are flaws in every invention, limitations in every creation. It is a principle. Fight with me, don’t fight with a principle. How can you be sure that Quixtar is perfect and your upline is always right? It doesn’t make any sense.

2) Don’t assume I am fighting with you

Dude, I just asked you have you seen this video or not, and you challenged my religious beliefs by your ridiculous example! Its shows some un-security on your side, doesn’t it? Ask me some question about my company, e.g. how stupid our website is. I’d laugh with you! Even I’ve made that site!

3) Don’t defend yourself by attacking credibility of media.

When did I say TV or Internet is all true? It never was and probably never will be. Almost all news are biased, every body gives them a spin. Does it mean every thing they say is false? Nope. Does it mean I am saying that media is always right? Not really! All I’m saying is just be objective about the facts in front of you and use your brain! For the record, I quit without reading any negative site and the dateline story was aired a year after I quit. I just saw my gains and losses and where was I after a year.

4) I know many lines of Quixtar:

I’ve used them and I’ve been in the q-business. I may not be getting the new teachings but are there really any new teachings?

5) Please understand, I don’t get any PV for spreading negative.

I don’t get any pat on the back from any upline by pulling you out. Go ahead and spend all you’ve got. You know your odds? Oh you don’t? 99% chances are you’ll be out in 2-5 years. Wanna bet ;)

6) Please don’t tell me to never complain as I was given an opportunity blah blah.

There are 400, 000 active IBOs in North America and I bet every body will be happy to sign me up! Your tone will change the moment I'll say ok sign me up. Won’t it? So what I missed? I can even sign up going online and your Quixtar site will find an IBO near me. Even better, I can enter any 6 digit number randomly. I've tried that to become a client. On 2nd, third try it works. Even if that number is inactive, I'm transferred to the next available person up in the tree.

Now let me tell you some facts about dateline story, Quixtar response and Quixtar facts.

Response to Quixtar's Response to the Dateline Exposé of May 7, 2004 by Lindy and Vicki Mack

Btw I know this guy Lindy, via internet. I discuss with him on almost daily basis in Neutral Discussion about Quixtar

Please read it first then talk to me. I’ve listened to every video you asked in and they didn't deny the issues that Dateline raised did they? I’m impressed with their ability to dodge the complaints. Funny thing is, Ken McDonald said that dateline only interviewed with anti-Quixtar persons. On the Quixtar response how many anti Quixtar persons were present? Isn't their response biased as well?

Btw they were given an opportunity to participate in the dateline exposé. Why didn’t they do it? Why they video taped them and put it online, like cowards. They were hiding the questions, weren’t they?

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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

There are two types of people

There are two types of people, people who have money and people who have excuses.
Quixtar / BWW tape talk

When I was in the BWW TM / Quixtar TM business, Diamond lifestyle was my only goal. The only people who appeared successful to me were diamonds, and every body else was a broke loser. I encountered a lot of 'negative' prospects, yet no one was able to give me a logical reason what's wrong with BWW / Quixtar. Reason being they have not done any formal research on it. Even if they did make some point which I couldn't answer, I always said, "How much money do you make, smarty pants! Your lifestyle sucks as compared to the diamonds. If you are so smart, why you are not so rich". Well, I didn't exactly say it but you get the idea. For me they were making excuses and avoiding work. They didn't have enough money to impress me, yet they had a lot of excuses.

To all other people who are in Quixtar TM and think like I did, let me tell you a story about a person who did not make any excuses. He was no lazy nose-picker. He was a diamond, and he was rich. He became a diamond in 5 years. Not many people are able to do that.

But then he discovered something. He found that a legal and ethical product business done by a somewhat restrictive MLM model can only generate upto a certain amount of money. Money enough to replace job but certainly not enough to own jets, yachts and palaces etc. Then he found out something else was going on. There are a lot of tools pushed to other people involved in Quixtar TM. In fact, one won't be called "serious in the business" if s/he is not on monthly tape and book program, which costs $60 - $80 a month. In fact there are more tapes recommended than that, leadership tapes or fast track tapes. There are seminars almost every month all over US and they are pushed very seriously. These seminars costs at least $80 USD. And cost of hotel & traveling makes them even more. And even paying all those expenses didn't deliver the promise of "success" to a very overwhelming majority. He saw that most people end up loosing some serious money on these "tools". Wait, It gets better! What is in these tapes? What is "taught" in seminars? Almost ALL hype and promoting the "system".

So what he did? He RESIGNED from the Diamond ship. Something a person with integrity and morals should do.

So what am I doing, Am I making up lies? Isn't it what internet does? spread lies about good organization?

Well, his name was Robert 'Bo' Short. He was on Dateline NBC. Read it here:

Also, you may visit his website,

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