Sunday, November 13, 2005

Business Owner Mentality

How many times you've heard it in Quixtar, "If you are an Esso owner, would you fill up your car from Exxon?"

They yap about McDonald through out the plan, except here! They won't say, "If you are a McDonalds owner, would you eat somewhere else?" Because you damn well would! Even if you’re a junk food junkie, you would!

McD is also iterated regarding franchise rule # 1 e.g. following the McDonald "system". No matter how big shot you are, you have to learn how to flip McD burgers they way they tell you to open franchise.

So not all business owners have to be "loyal to their own business", right? Am I missing some thing here?

Gas station is also a bad example. My friend owned Petro Canada. In Canada, you get very little profit from sales of Gas. Majority of profit comes from convenience items inside the station. It's really doesn’t matter much to fill up from his own station. He goes to other stations all the time! Its tax right off, he's a business owner :)

Some other examples:
  • I can't always eat in my restaurant.
  • Hotel owner don't always live in their hotel.
  • Value Village (A used items shop) employees don't always buy from there. (Used crap)
  • Max (24 hour convenience store) owner don't always buy from there. (Too expensive)
  • Men who own feminine product business rarely use them :) Their wives may want to shop somewhere else too!
  • Film producers don't watch only their movies .
  • Many farmers can't survive only on their farm food.
  • Software venders don't use their software exclusively.
  • NFL owner pay to watch other sports too!
Unloyal business owners! Any other examples?

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At 11/13/2005 05:53:00 PM, Blogger rocket said...

Good pull Imran.

It won't ever really sink in until they choose to remove themselves from the situation.

I liked the Petro Canada reference. I also have a friend who owns a Petro Canada. Same thing, almost 0 profit from gas sales.

I've heard people from the True North organization in Alberta use that exact analogy.

Shows how much they know about a real business. No wonder they tell people to steer clear of the "negative" websites.

It will show what fools or liars they really are.

Because it is one or the other.

At 11/14/2005 11:33:00 AM, Blogger Mevious said...

My fiance and I got a bad-ass $25 couch from Value child puke, animal droppings...smoke... Quixtar brochures....
its completely normal

At 11/14/2005 12:49:00 PM, Blogger Ngullen said...

Hi! I like your blog about Quixtar Business. I also have one that I would like that you visit and post a comment there. Good Luck!

At 11/14/2005 01:35:00 PM, Blogger Joecool18 said...

There's a big difference from a quixtar business and others such as McDonald's. A quixtar business owner is a distributor. He/she does not produce any products, simply moves them from one place to the end user. In many cases, the quixtar product costs more than products that are available locally because the bonuses that quixtar pays out need to be funded.

Other things that they don't dicuss is that quixtar is highly inefficient. Switching your buying habits may seem simple enough, but what the quixbots don't think about is that you are now impacting your local economy. You buy stuff at your local grocery store, it helps pay for salaries, the money stays in the local economy and provides jobs for people. Quixtar replaces a demand that is already being met, with profits going to Michigan and to other kingpin distributors. The money for tools that could have support say the local theatre now channels to the kingpins bank accounts. The time that IBO's may have spent doing community projects or coaching kids is replaced by attening seminars or taking trips for other various functions.

In other words, the quixtar business is like a leach, sucking the lifestyle and time out of people's lives and the IBO's don't even realize that it is happening.

At 11/14/2005 01:50:00 PM, Blogger xanadustc said...

I owned an E-Bay business for a while. I sure wasn't going to buy from it being as that everything for sale was what I was trying to get rid of!

At 11/14/2005 05:51:00 PM, Anonymous Tony said...

X, I hope you were displaying your sense of humor there. If so, that was funny, if not it was sad. (hard to tell on 'net)

Joe, you said there's big difference between a Qx business and 1 like McDonalds because "A quixtar business owner is a distributor. He/she does not produce any products, simply moves them from one place to the end user.

Well if I owned a McDonald's, I Don't produce any products either!! I get All my supplies from Golden State Foods. What, do the McDonalds in your state have COWS out back?? Do they MAKE those hamburgers and shakes right there at the store? Noo, they have a supplier. So is an owner of a McDonalds, not really a business owner?, just someone pushing McDonalds products to end users for a share of the profit?

Oh, and usually a community that has a Diamond in it is doing pretty good. Where do schools get money? Income tax? Hello? I know when I'm a Diamond I'm gonna donate a lot to my community, schools, charities, etc.

Oh and shopping thru Quixtar is only putting more money in My pocket. Bigg's for example is owned by a French company, so I guess shopping at Bigg's is actually giving money to some rich millionaire french guy and his family.

And just because I go to a function instead of plant flowers with my community group or coach little league baseball, Doesn't mean those things go undone! They are plenty of people to do those things!! I'd rather be the guy writing a $10,000 check to that Community service group, or $10,000 to my kids baseball team for new equipment! Did you ever think about that? Didn't think so. :)

At 11/15/2005 03:20:00 AM, Blogger rocket said...


Right over your head.

ALL McDonald's franchises have a single supplier. You are correct. HOWEVER....

Since the name of the game is for McDonald's to sell hamburgers, their supplier has to compete for that business. If I all of a sudden began competing with Golden State Foods (which, incidentally is not the only supplier for McDonald's) and was able to cut Golden State Foods' prices because
I offer a superior or equal to product, guess who will be the new kid in town supplying McDonald's with their raw materials?


Why? Because McDonald's actually is trying to HELP their franchisor's make money. Cheaper high quality product helps that.

If McDonald's franchisors made money comparable with Amway/Quixtar distributors, we wouldn't be seeing too many McDonalds around.

By the way, once you are able to start making those $10,000 donations, let me know then.

Until then, it's all talk, nothing more.

So until you are able to do just that, feel free to hush, puppy.

PS. Diamond money is made off of people not smart enough or not willing to see the truth.

Check the mirror just to be sure, you may be one of them.

At 11/15/2005 11:46:00 AM, Anonymous Tony said...

Rocket is that all you got?? That's its? Dude, you're about to get traded, but we're just gonna put you on the (m)DL - the (mentally)Disabled List.

OK, here's your 1st mistake! Golden State Foods is the EXCLUSIVE supplier of McDonalds!! I can't find some mom & pop butcher, and start buying my hamburgers from them! Are you serious?? Have you EVER gone to a McDonalds, and thought "hmm, this Big Mac tastes different, I wonder if they use a different supplier?" They Can't use different suppliers! They only use GSF!!

And they HAVE to go to Hamburger University for training! They can't just say, no I'll run the place and train my employees my own way!

Dude, would you please stop wasting our time! Talk about X-box or NFL football, or anything that you Know Something about... cause you Obviously don't know Jack S#!t about Business!

THIS is the problem with critics on the Net - half of them are just repeating falsehoods, making assumptions or straight-up making cr@p up!! You'd have to be a FOOL to read this crap and make a business decision based on this!

So there you go rock-bot, Zing- right over Your head! Oh and let me know when you get Your $10,000 checks from your side business. Oh, your mommy only pays you $10 to clean the gutters? Well thats a lot of gutters!

PS. your company's profit is made off of people not smart enough or not willing to see the truth. Keep busting your @ss for your 10 bucks an hour! Don't worry, they'll take care of you ;)
You close-minded fool. You know, I really wish the best for you, but you're probably gonna stay broke because of the way you think. You're not willing to 'think outside the box' or look at something different. Were you even an IBO, or are you Totally a cribot, totally just operating on negative hype?

At 11/15/2005 12:48:00 PM, Anonymous vm said...

Well if I owned a McDonald's, I Don't produce any products either!!

Actually, the local McDonald's is processing the products that they sell to the consumer. Trying to compare a food service business to any product based mlm is a stretch.

At 11/15/2005 01:41:00 PM, Blogger Joecool18 said...


You're a bit off base there. As a quixtar IBO, you purchase products from quixtar and you seel them either at retail or at wholesale.

At McDonalds, yes they have a supplier but they make the burgers and a lot of the stuff they sell. They aren't selling frozen burgers like the ones you get at Costco.

Also, quixtar is just replacing a demand that is already being met locally.

You can talk about that one guy donating $10,000, but what about the thousands and thousands who can't?

Quixtar is a leach. Collectively, the quixtar IBO's who are 100% committed to going diamond contribute nothing to society, unless they do so throgh their jobs. They also do not help their local economy because they are buying stuff from a company in Michigan instead of their local store.

I have yet to see a bonafide price comparison where the majority of quixtar prices are better than products from local store or giants like WalMart. I'm sure there are some instances where quixtar is cheaper but not for the majority of the stuff they sell.

At 11/16/2005 04:43:00 PM, Blogger rocket said...

Tony, ever see a Coke truck at McDonald's unloading product? I have. I'm sure lots of people have, not just me.

That kinda makes you look silly and uninformed when you say:

"OK, here's your 1st mistake! Golden State Foods is the EXCLUSIVE supplier of McDonalds!!"

Here's another supplier to McDonald's:

I know about Hamburger University. If your little rinky dink Quixtar business had actual PRODUCTIVE teachings, that would also be nice. They don't, by the way.

You also said:

"THIS is the problem with critics on the Net - half of them are just repeating falsehoods, making assumptions or straight-up making cr@p up!"

I'm not the one repeating a bunch of garbage your upline or some other dork you love told you about Golden State Foods being the EXCLUSIVE supplier.

I do make more than $10.00 an hour. See, the problem with you is you automatically assume people who aren't in Quixtar/Amway are stupid and broke because your upline says so.

Close minded is taking at face value something anyone says to you, kinda like the way you when you listen to your upline.

You are the one spouting off about your $10,000 donations to charity. (uh-huh sure you will) When you talk about it, it's not really charity anymore, is it?

I would love to hear an intelligent response Tony. Bet I don't get one.

That's because I don't believe you're intelligent. And you prove that with every post you type.

Thanks for the laugh, though. You're prices are a rip off too, which you cannot control despite this being your (haha) business.

Good luck with that.

At 11/16/2005 06:29:00 PM, Blogger Joecool18 said...


I think Tony really believes in what he is saying, that's why he is so passionate about it. What Tony doesn't see is how this is similar to a cult. (I didn't say it is a cult, just that there are similarities)

Tony has been in for about 1-2 years. He admittedly has not made a lot of money out of it, but he says because he really hasn't put in enough effort. His upline and some upline guys are making the big bucks and was able to show it.
Tony also admits that he is on standing order and attends functions, and purchases the other necessities such as Kate.

His upline is ethical and doesn't force him to do things as described on some of these blogs.

To where does that leave Tony? He is one of the many who are helping to support his uplines pockets by being a good soldier, doing 100 PV each month, selling some stuff, buying standing order and attending functions but is making little or sometimes taking a loss.

Tony calls this "working your way up", but the sad reality is that there are probably hundreds if not thousands of guys like Tony who enjoy the business, perhaps for the social aspects of it but are not reaping the financial rewards that are advertised in open meetings. They justify it by saying they have not put forth the effort.

I read this on another blog but it fits perfectly: The successes are attributed to the teaching system but the failures are attributed to the shortcomings of the individual IBO.

In other words, if you do the work and succeed, the system works but if you do it and don't succeed, it's your fault.

If you truly believe that, you can be compared with one of the kool aid drinkers.

At 11/17/2005 09:09:00 AM, Blogger xanadustc said...

Yes, Tony,
That was humor.

BTW, Critics, has a lound mouth weirdo named "blusdrdm" posted on your site? If not, I will send him over. He is averaging 4 totally ambotish comments per day onmy site (He is new, posted 9 comments in 24 hours...he is fun to play with)

At 11/17/2005 10:28:00 AM, Blogger Loser said...

Send him my man, I already got Tony. We'll have a play-off.

But u know why IBOs goes nuts over ur blog? Because you are religious Christian. You are supposed to be perfect IBO. And when you criticize, OUCH!

I'm a non-Christian and in light of world events, supposed to say 'bad' things and this messenger can be attacked easily than you. Except my fellow Desis ;)

Same thing is with TIM. His site has never ending Quixtar threads; Quixtar topics are only 2.5% of his blog! Why? Same thing, good biblical Christian ‘bad-mouthing’ a ‘Christian’ business.

At 11/17/2005 03:30:00 PM, Blogger Joecool18 said...

The guy on Xanac's blog is drinking purple kool aid. At least Tony is able to justify some of his arguments. This new guy is 200% brainwashed. Might be fun though.

At 11/18/2005 11:35:00 AM, Blogger xanadustc said...

Update from yesterday.. I literally LOST COUNT of his off the wall garbage at about 20 in a 36 hour period of time. He has been curiously silent today, but I expect he will be back.

At 11/18/2005 12:05:00 PM, Blogger Joecool18 said...

Funny, the dude always asks for proof then when you provide it he clams up or start the personal attacks. Sound familiar?

At 11/22/2005 10:34:00 AM, Anonymous Tony said...

Yea, sounds just like all you Critbots when you didn't believe I had Quixtar-only Checks (no tool$) for $90,000+ in 1 month, and $120,000+ in another month, from just a Diamond... and then I showed them!

That's Exactly what it sounds like!

At 11/22/2005 11:39:00 AM, Anonymous Tony said...

Hey vm, learn the difference between Processing and Producing!

Joe18> "you purchase products from quixtar and you seel them either at retail or at wholesale."

T> wrong Joe, I don't buy and resale! I market and promote. People buy directly from Qx, I just do the refering. Either way, McD's buys burgers from GSF and then resales them - so what's your point? They don't MAKE the burgers Einstein, they Prepare them! You need to learn the difference between Produce and Prepare as well!

Joe18> Also, quixtar is just replacing a demand that is already being met locally.

T> what a weak-@$$ argument! Well then so is ebay and! and ALL retail websites!! I cannot Believe your hairbrained logic!! How do you survive daily life?

Joe18>I have yet to see a bonafide price comparison where the majority of quixtar prices are better than products from local store or giants like WalMart

T> WHO SAID THEY WERE? Who has Ever said that the Majority of our prices are better! I don't ever promise that? But I do say our products are better! I do say, I've never seen anyone become a Millionaire buy shopping at Walmart! Walmart doesn't give me a check every month, OR give me the opportunity to market exclusive products!

I can sell XS, or protein bars. BTW, XS IS the same price or better compared to RedBull! And our Protein bars are about $1.83 - thats cheaper than the ones I was buying at GNC!
My point is, I don't care if some stuff is cheaper at Big Lots- Qx gives me the chance to own a small business and market this stuff. If something is too expensive in your opinion, Don't Buy it! you can still do 100pv on other stuff you Do want!

ROCKET> "ever see a Coke truck at McDonald's unloading product? I have. That kinda makes you look silly and uninformed..."

Tony> rocket, I'm sorry but you've got to be the absolute dumbest POS I've ever stepped in.

Have you ever seen a Pepsi truck unload product at McDonald's? NOOO! And That's because Golden State Foods set-up an exclusive contract with COKE!! I never said GSF actually MADE everything for each McD's - I said they're the supplier!! They pull all the resources together!! Just like that stupid link you posted- samething! Do you think each McD's owner had to talk to that container company? NO! GSF set up that contract!

Qx is the samething! Qx doesn't make a thing! They set-up the Contract with companies like XS and Nutrilite and Circuit City, B&N, Disney, etc! Do you get that?? Who looks foolish now?

And Stop making assumptions about what I think or what my upline says! Not every critic or quitter is a loser (I've said this over&over, Repeatedly!!- but You are!

rocket> You are the one spouting off about your $10,000 donations to charity. (uh-huh sure you will) When you talk about it, it's not really charity anymore, is it?

T> rockhead, you're a real low life piece of scum! "Sure you will"... F#$% YOU! Yea, @$$h*le, I WILL. And yea, nimwad - it IS still charity! They can still cash it can't they. I'm not saying I'm gonna go around bragging "look at me I donated $10,000 blah,blah" - ALL I SAID was: "I'd rather be the one writing $10,000 checks to community service groups than spending an afternoon planting flowers." Which I may do That too, but I wanna be able to bless them with BIG CHECKS, cause Thats what charities need! Not just donating an afternoon!

You know what Joe, from certain perspectives, LOTS of things are similar to a cult! I know people who travel for Hours to watch a football game, every week... Religiously! They paint their faces and go bare-chested, screaming and cheering! Is THAT kinda cult-like?

From what I've seen, the people who do the work in this thing, have the success. Chris J. is a 22 year old college student on the Wechter team and is in Emerald Qualification!! He's been in for Less than 3 years!! That means there's NO reason that anybody else, couldn't do it too!

It's not like a sport where you have to have natural talent. This isn't about how High you can jump, how Fast you can run, or how accurate you can throw a ball. This is about reading the books you need to read, to Become the person you need to be, to build this big!

I've seen ALL types of people have success: shy, outgoing, young, old, college degree, No degree - it doesn't matter! Do the work, and work on yourself, listen to winners, and reap the rewards. Or quit before it happens and miss out. I won't miss out. And I already see the rewards coming. I see 3 new legs growing. And its just starting! My whole local team is about to explode with growth!

BTW, Imran, being a Christian doesn't make you a perfect IBO, it takes a little more than a belief in Christ to be an IBO. You can be a Christian and still not see the benefits. And some people just have other callings.

I wish X, and everyone luck, even if we just don't see eye to eye on this.

At 11/23/2005 05:44:00 PM, Blogger rocket said...

Tony! Welcome back! Did you have fun hugging people and telling them you love them at functions last weekend?

Tony said:

"Have you ever seen a Pepsi truck unload product at McDonald's? NOOO! And That's because Golden State Foods set-up an exclusive contract with COKE!!"

You know that for a fact? I think you are wrong, but since you made the claim you can research your error. You are wrong though, dude. Not just wrong, but completely wrong.

"T> rockhead, you're a real low life piece of scum! "Sure you will"... F#$% YOU! Yea, @$$h*le, I WILL. And yea, nimwad - it IS still charity! "

Yes, you raise quite the compelling rebuttal there. You need to breathe a little bit before you type, you're gonna have a stroke doing damage control if you keep this up.

You seem to think that people need to change to become successful. Does your upline tell you that, or is that in your little tapes and CD's you listen to? Obviously they want people to change because normal thinking people don't just buy a bunch of tapes/CD's because they are told to.

Oh yeah, you also said, "Qx is the samething! Qx doesn't make a thing!"

They don't make LOC? They don't make See-Spray?

You are the goods man. You make me laugh, because you aren't too bright, and you are not going to have this rinky dink business work for you.

Sorry, but I am laughing at the same time. You can laugh at me from the top blah, blah, blah....

But you won't be on top anytime too soon.

At 11/25/2005 02:57:00 PM, Blogger Joecool18 said...

Tony> You know what Joe, from certain perspectives, LOTS of things are similar to a cult! I know people who travel for Hours to watch a football game, every week... Religiously! They paint their faces and go bare-chested, screaming and cheering! Is THAT kinda cult-like?

Joe> Tony, that would be cult like if someone told them to do it. These folks just do it for fun. You can claim you do quixtar for fun, but much of what the downline do is directly from "advice" from upline. Or isn't it?

At 11/28/2005 03:41:00 PM, Anonymous Tony said...

No rockbot, they Don't make LOC, or see-spray(?) LOC is made by Access Business Group! Quixtar is simply the marketing arm, they're the "servicing corporation". Get it yet?

Thought you got me didn't you? But your critbot mind doesn't actually Read the words, you just jump to conclusions. Qx doesn't make anything! True statement! Just like McD's may PREPARE the hamburgers, but they don't Produce jack! GSF does. Just like Walmart doesn't produce anything - they're just a retail distributor.

Oh, and you must be a complete moron, if you don't realize that Fast food chains make exclusive deals with cola companies. Ever bought a Coke at Taco Bell, no cause they sell Pepsico products! Ever bought a Pepsi at McDonalds? Nooo, cause they sell Coke products!

Hahaha - I'm laughing at you right now moron, and I'm not even at the top yet! Oh and trust me, I know I won't be there anytime soon, cause unlike, you I realized this wasn't a get rich quick scheme! But trust me, when I am at the top, I'll STILL be laughing at your sorry ass. You don't have jack on me rocket, you have yet to say anything to discredit me.

You haven't won a single argument, even when you think you've won and disproven something I've said, I come back and slam you and make you look foolish EVERYTIME!! LOL!!

You suck! :P

And Joecool - you know I also took advice from my HS guidance counselor, and college professors - so is taking advice now make somehting a cult. Don't you do what your BOSS tells you to? Does that make your company a cult?? GET OVER the cult crap! It's #@$%ing pathetic! Maybe the group You were in ran like a cult, MINE sure as hell doesn't!

I take advice from people who have more experience than me, whether its in Taekwondo, my job, or my business! That's just common-f#$%ing-sense! I might not follow everything blindly, but I at least take there advice.

This is a volunteer army! I do have fun with Quixtar! So why is it a cult?

I don't like going to work everyday but I do That, cause I'm told to! So I guess my job is a cult too!

At 11/29/2005 01:47:00 AM, Anonymous Frankenberry said...

Tony, I might be wrong but I think Taco Bell, KFC, and Pizza Hut are owned by Pepsico. Many other franchise businesses allow the franchisee to set up his own deals regarding soft drinks. I am sure that some of them do require the use of a certain soft drink distributor, but not all.

At 11/29/2005 05:33:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tony said: "Well if I owned a McDonald's, I Don't produce any products either!! I get All my supplies from Golden State Foods."

Tony also said: "Golden State Foods is the EXCLUSIVE supplier of McDonalds!!"

Tony also said this: "That's because Golden State Foods set-up an exclusive contract with COKE!!"

Well Tony I think you need to do some research. Not much, something simple. Like visit the McDonalds website and look up their suppliers. Golden State Foods is certainly listed. However, they are by no means EXCLUSIVE, nor do they provide ALL of the supplies.

According to McDonalds corporate site, Baldwin Richardson Foods provides the sauces and condiments you get at McDonalds. Also, Lopez Foods provides all-beef hamburger patties, pork sausage patties, and Canadian-style bacon for McDonald's.

Now this alone is enough to show that you have not done your homework on this subject and are posting mostly what you have been told during a plan or by your upline. But I will continue anyway.

You also have failed to back-up your last statement I quoted where you said Coke and Golden State Foods have an exclusive contract. I don't believe this to be true, but since you stuck your foot in your mouth I will let you research that lie for yourself. Try and give an answer this time instead of that tap dance you did for Rocket.

Oh and before I go under their Hurricane relief page McDonalds lists Northside Foods, Wincup, Mile Hi Frozen Foods, and Bun Company as suppliers as well.

-Mike F.

At 11/29/2005 08:29:00 AM, Anonymous Waymee said...

Frankenberry said,

I think Taco Bell, KFC, and Pizza Hut are owned by Pepsico.

They used to be, and then they got spun off as a separate corporation called Tricon Global and then, more recently, YUM Brands (ticker:YUM). Pepsico is the majority shareholder.

Almost all franchises sign an exclusive contract with one or another soft drink company, but they can certainly change. Subway was not exclusive with anybody until Coke bought all of their stores the $15,000 toaster/microwave oven to make toasted subs. Now they are exclusively Coke.

What does any of this have to do with Quixtar? Nothing. Just thought I'd share.

At 11/29/2005 12:06:00 PM, Anonymous Tony said...

This all started because Joe18 made the comment
"There's a big difference from a quixtar business and others such as McDonald's. A quixtar business owner is a distributor. He/she does not produce any products, simply moves them from one place to the end user.

And my point was that an owner of a McDonald's franchise did the Same thing! They don't MAKE anything, they may "prepare" things but all they do is get products from a supplier and move them to an end-user!

Then he or someone tried to say that McDonalds owners aren't locked to a supplier that they could go out and get supplies from whoever was cheaper which is not true! They have a central supplier which is GSF. They set-up the deals with all the companies that supply McDonalds. "Anonymous" critic thinks that because multiple suppliers are listed on their website that GSF / the McD Corp. didn't set up these accounts.

Whether you want to look at is as multiple or many under one blanket, it doesn't change the point I was making!: that when you own a McDonalds you already have a system in place, you don't go out on your own and decide to get straws or burgers from XYZ company when those accounts are already set-up. Have you ever been to a McDonalds and a Big Mac tasted different? Or bought a Pepsi product? NO! That's my point! I'm no more restricted by Quixtar and its product lines than a McDonald's owner is.

So if we wanna split hairs than I can also say that I have multiple suppliers. I have a list of companies too: Nutrilite, Artistry, XS Energy LLC, Circuit City, IBM, etc. My point is that Quixtar is the "servicing corporation" that acts as our supplier. We may have more than 1 supplier in terms of company names, but Qx is the company that pulls it all together - just as when you open a McDonalds your ketchup supplier, napkins, straws, and burgers, and soft drink accounts are already established, you don't go out and find a place to buy burgers for your own style Big Mac!!

So my point is: if I'm not a owner, just a "distributor" like Joecool likes to imply - than every McD's franchise owner is not Really an owner, but just a "distributor" for the McD's corp.

But hey, when I'm making $100,000/yr - you can call me whatever you want!!

At 11/29/2005 12:41:00 PM, Blogger Joecool18 said...

Tony, your last statement sums it all up.

Most McDonald's owners make over $100K per year. You're always saying "when I'm making $$$".

BIg difference.

At 11/29/2005 12:48:00 PM, Blogger Joecool18 said...


Sure I do what my boss assigns, but I get paid to do that.

In your quixtar (cult-like), you pay (through tools) to have your upline tell you (advise you) what to do. Sure you don't have to do what upline says, but you don't have to succeed either right?

At 11/29/2005 05:38:00 PM, Anonymous Frankenberry said...

Waymee, thanks for the update. It is good to be corrected when in error.

At 11/29/2005 06:43:00 PM, Anonymous Tony said...

You're right Joe, I am always saying "WHEN I'm making..." see you and others got in this saying "IF I make it".

Big difference.

I'm glad we agree on you doing what your boss tells you, by your definition your job is a cult.

Also, no matter how hard you work, you have a cap on what you can make. Just like i do at my job. Even with OT - I have a cap on what I can make. Which is why I like Qx - it's not linear income. People who make multi-millions a year are usually not working jobs with hourly rates aka trading hours for dollars.
They own businesses.

Also, I don't buy tools to be told what to do, I buy tools to LEARN what to do. Its an EDUCATION System! An optional one! In my opinions the seminars, conferences, CDs, and books have Value - therefore I utilize them!! When I wasn't, my mentors STILL helped me - I wasn't TOLD or forced to do Any of it! Why can't you get that? Why do you have No problem with college professors writing a book and making it the REQUIRED text for their class? Why do you have no problem with a college course requiring 4 books 2 of which you Never open! Why do you not have a problem with a college selling a used book for $80, buying it back for $6, and then reselling it again for $80?? WHY?

And yes, thanks Waymee, I enjoyed reading your psot knowing that Pepsi no longer owned Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and KFC.

I always enjoy watching a critic correct a critic. Seems no one's wants to listen to me, everyone has to try to refute Everything I say. So its nice to see an openminded critic not blindly take the opposing stance of whatever I say.

So do we all agree now? All McDonalds sell Cokes and buy the same burgers? Or do some of us still think that McD franchise owners buy their burgers, fries and straws from all different suppliers (than Other McD's)??

Honestly, this was a lame topic from the start. If you can't acknowledge that there's a difference between Business Owner mentality and Employee mentality - you're not the brightest bulb in the hall.

At 11/30/2005 08:42:00 AM, Anonymous Waymee said...

Actually Tony, I wasn't posting a comment to "correct a critic". I just wanted to share information. But thank you for observing that I have an open mind. That's what I like to think, anyway.

I do have a few other thoughts on this topic.

My job is not a cult just because I do what my boss tells me. My company purchases my services and part of the condition of that agreement is that I will perform my job in the way that my boss feels is the best way to do the job. Yesterday I was troubleshooting a furnace power supply and not making any headway for about 45 minutes. My boss came up to me and showed me what he felt would be the solution to the problem. I did it the way he wanted. Did I think his way was right? I wasn't 100% sure. But since he and I were both working toward a common goal (get it running again) and since I am paid by the company to report to him, I did it his way. Guess what? It worked.

In Quixtar, there is no set compensation (salary) paid to you by your upline for performing a service. If you are in fact an independent business owner, you should be able to build your business in the manner you feel will be the most effective (within the guidleines set forth by Quixtar). Hopefully that is true in your case, Tony. Regardless, there are many documented cases where IBOs are expected to build their business in the exact manner that their upline prescribes and also lives their private lives (no facial hair, don't drive a better car than your upline, no fancier jewelry than your upline) exactly as their upline expects. If they do not, they are shunned from the larger group. That is an aspect of cult behavior.

At 11/30/2005 12:03:00 PM, Anonymous Tony said...

Waymee, 1st of all - I never called your job a cult. I don't think jobs are cults. Please read what I Type. I told JOE by HIS definition of a cult, that His Job was a cult. Not by MY definition. I don't think following directions makes something a cult!

You made a great comment! You said: "My boss came up to me and showed me what he felt would be the solution to the problem. I did it the way he wanted. Did I think his way was right? I wasn't 100% sure. But since he and I were both working toward a common goal..., I did it his way. Guess what? It worked."

That is the Epitimy of this business!! I thought you totally had the concept! But then you went on and said "there are many documented cases where IBOs are expected to build their business in the exact manner that their upline prescribes... exactly as their upline expects. If they do not, they are shunned from the larger group. That is an aspect of cult behavior.)

1st of all, I don't do Everything my upline thinks I should do and I am NOT shunned. I have people in my downline who aren't going to seminars, etc. and I Don't shun Them!
STOP MAKING ASSUMPTIONS and GENERALIZATIONS based on what YOU saw from Your upline, or from what you've Read on the net.

Also, I've NEVER, EVER heard anyone say not to drive a nicer car them your upline or have nicer jewelry than you upline, I've never even seen that on the Net until now! That's absolutely absurd!! Obviously that is Not being taught since in my 2 years, No One has ever told me that!

I CHOOSE to take the advice of my upline! I'm not forced too. And just like you followed your boss's advice since you 2 had a common goal, I follow My mentor's advice, because WE have a common goal: My Success!! Now do I have to? No. But should I? Yea! Now am I perfect? Do I do everything just the way he would, no. But I'm striving to.

How do you not see the correlation? How can you see the value in following the advice of a mentor that has a common goal with you, in a JOB - but then in Qx you see it as being forced to follow expectations, and call it a cult?

I think it's because you were under the impression that upline Control their downline. "No facial hair, no nicer car- or be shunned?" There are people on my sponsor's team that have beards, they still get up to talk! People who are retired from 6-figure income jobs with really nice cars are in my upline's business, they still get recognized like anyone else. No one is being shunned for the things you say. We simply choose to follow the advice laid-out before us or not to. It's our business, it's Our choice.

I'm not correcting you, I'm just "sharing information" - hopefully you absorb it and make future comments & observations with it in mind.

At 11/30/2005 12:22:00 PM, Blogger Joecool18 said...

Tony must have the only upline in quixtar that helps non-core IBO's. When I was active, our upline was too busy to help anyone who was not on standing order and attending functions.

Tony, the problem is that far too many are doing their 100 PV and buying tapes and attending functions and not showing a profit.
If you add up the expenses of a direct group versus their profits and bonuses, is there a net profit? I suspect not. We could expand this to a diamond group and the losses would be higher. That's the issue. The IBO's are supporting the diamond with their day jobs, including yourself.

At 11/30/2005 02:48:00 PM, Anonymous Waymee said...

Tony wrote,

How do you not see the correlation? How can you see the value in following the advice of a mentor that has a common goal with you, in a JOB - but then in Qx you see it as being forced to follow expectations, and call it a cult?

That's not exactly what I was trying to describe. He is not my mentor, he is my boss. I have absolutely no desire to associate with him outside of the walls of the plant.

I am very capable of solving almost any problem at work by myself. I do it often when he is not here. I would have found the problem eventually. I did what he asked because I am paid to do so. If my pay was based on how fast I could solve the problem, I would make my own decisions and solicit his input if I wanted it.

In Quixtar, your compensation is based on your own performance. Therefore, you should be allowed to make your own decisions and solicit input from your upline if you feel that he/she could help you.

From the posts you have made, it sounds like you have a helpful and non-intrusive upline. That is wonderful. However, I don't see how you can think other people are from outer space when they say that their uplines did not have their best interests in mind and were intrusive into private life. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence. Have you ever read Jeff Probant's web page? Eric Scheiebler's book? How about this one, hot off the presses?

That stuff happens. When it does, you can make the comparison to a cult. Again, let me reiterate that I am happy that it is not happening to you. But it is happening in some, if not many, lines of sponsorship.

At 11/30/2005 04:21:00 PM, Anonymous Tony said...

Joe, I'm not gonna keep arguing the concept of starting at ZERO and working your way up.

And no Mine is not the only upline working with non-Core people. But you wanna know what- If I personally sponsor 12 people and 5 of them are kicking butt, being active, going to seminars, etc... and I've got a guy who never comes to the Open, never reads a book, never goes to a seminar- and he calls me and says "yea, I wanna get together and talk about how I can make some money with this thing" - you know what I'm gonna say?- "that's great, but it's gonna have to be next week, cause I'm booked solid this week, but hey- if you're serious about wanting to make money, how bout you come out to the Open meeting and stay for the training, you'll learn some good stuff, and we can talk more there". And if he replies, "well, you see, Survivors on that night" - then he ain't the right guy. And he ain't serious!

People who are Serious are the ones that come to the Opens, go to the Seminars, read the books, listen to the CDs, etc! I want to use the system to multiply my efforts! I don't want to have to be the Teacher for all my guys. I wanna let the system help teach my guys! So yea, top priority goes to the ones that are serious, but I'm willing to help anyone even for a guy not on SOT yet. You don't have to be Core, but At Least be coming to the Opens! But volume is volume, I'll help whoever.

At 11/30/2005 04:22:00 PM, Anonymous Frankenberry said...

Geez Tony
You really make too much of my earlier post. I acknowledged that "I could be wrong", and was certainly willing to be corrected if, as it turned out, I was. I do not have to refute everything you say, because when looked at in the macro level, your positive experiences do not absolve Quixtar of the inherent problems with its structure. In the long run one should not judge Quixtar on the cumulative stories of success or failure, the good uplines or the bad uplines. It should be judged a priori based on the payment plan and the motivational methods of the lines of sponsorship. The incentives are very strong for uplines to behave in an unethical fashion. There is also an effort, through some of the tools, to instill the IBO with a devotion to the system that resembles Kierkegaard's faith in God.

I don't want to misstate your position, but if I remember correctly, you have stated that there are bad uplines out there. I am sure that you could make the case that these bad apples are anomolies, like bad Wal-Mart store managers, not indicative of the general culture of the company. When I look at it, I think that there are inherent characteristics in the Quixtar business that encourage the bad apples.

I am not saying that it is impossible to run an ethical Quixtar business, nor am I accusing you or anyone in your upline of impropriety, I am just saying that by its very nature the Quixtar business is easily manipulated into something dirty and dare I say it cult-like.

sorry for the long-windedness.

At 11/30/2005 04:49:00 PM, Anonymous Tony said...

Waymee, we ARE "allowed to make our own decisions and solicit input from your upline if we feel that he/she could help". No one can force you do to anything?

And I don't know Jeff P. I've heard of Eric and read some of his Novel. I have a theory on Eric which I have stated before. Something in his story doesn't add up. He says he was a Founders emerald - that's Emerals (or 3 Platinums legs) for a full 12 months. Now he claims to have quit because of abuses he discovered in the Optional Tools system. Here's the thing. We talk about money from the tool system in our Open meetings to guests! Everyone knows about tool $. At the 7500pv level is when you start to Participate in potential tool income. So how did he Discover the tool $ at Founders Emerald?? He knew for years how much a Platinum or a Ruby, or Emerald might make on tools - how was it a surprise after 12+ months of being an Emerald?? That story is bogus! Even a 300PVer can figure out: "hmm, the CD costs $7.50, probably costs a buck to make, profit is going somewhere". But if you find value in it, and think its worth the $7.50, what do you care where it goes? Some of it should go to the speaker. Some should go to my Diamond. And I'd rather have more of it go to my Platinum than all of it go to Bill B!

My theory is simple: Eric knew full well about tool money. I think he wanted more stage time, better speaking engagements, better slots, more CD's cut, a better % of tool $, a better price per CD, etc and simply got caught up in the Politics of the business. Maybe he felt like some guys got more CDs cut, or they got to go to the better cities, etc. So when he didn't get his way - he said "screw it, I'm gonna take you all down! I'm gonna write an expose' - I'm talking to Dateline". Only it backfired - he lost his business and we're still going full steam. Like a skunk trying to knock a train off its track: barely made a bump... but it sure smells funny.

But hey, thats just my theory. I just don't see how there's a "tools scam" when its all optional. And we talk about it at the Open!

And honestly Waymee, that link you sent HAD to be a joke. Tell me more about what that whole thing was about, cause that was the stupidest thing I ever read! No one is that insane. Is this guy in BWW, whats the LOS. If you think THAT is the Norm, than you ARE from outerspace. I don't even believe that happened, let alone in Many LOS like you say.

That guy was nuts - what kind of a speaker INSULTS the audience - show me ONE (1) CD or tape where they teach THAT? X, you reading this? Imran, anyone? Quote me ONE CD where they say to "cold-read" and tell people they're fat, ugly etc.

At 11/30/2005 05:08:00 PM, Anonymous Tony said...

Frankenbarry, great post! And not long winded at all. (and notice how I'm not cussing or throwing out a physical challenge, like some people like to paint that piture of me) anyways...
Finally, a critic that simply has a certain viewpoint and debates it rationally.

We both agree that there are unethical people in all walks of life. But from what I've seen I do not think that Qx promotes it or creates an environment where it is easier. I believe that people who run their business unethically will be purged out. Their team will not be loyal and not grow. Larry and Joe, constantly talk about the 3 rules for biz and 3 for life. These are principles, morals - Standards!

If someone is a dirtball scumbag, their team will eventually quit on them. And I'm glad it does. I want the bad apples out. And they will be.

You said:
"I am not saying that it is impossible to run an ethical Quixtar business, nor am I accusing you or anyone in your upline of impropriety".

T> Well I appreciate that! But You're the Only ONE!

The majority of critics bash me, my team and everything Qx!

Glad to see at least 1 who can be rational without crying "tapespeak,- quixbot - scam,- tool money,- cult!"

At 11/30/2005 06:12:00 PM, Anonymous frankenberry said...

I hope I don't have to turn in my critic's card now. Tony, I will gladly accept your compliment and even issue you one back. Even though I disagree with you, I admire your passionate desire to defend your position. That being said, I hope this doesn't turn into some sort of love-fest, if I disagree with you (and I feel so inclined) I will say so, and I'm sure you will have a response. I don't think either of us will change the other's mind, but hey it might be fun.

At 11/30/2005 06:15:00 PM, Blogger Joecool18 said...

See Tony, that lost post you made sums up a lot. When I am talking about unethical uplines, I am referring to my experience and the things I have witnessed from my attendance to functions, meetings, etc. You take everything personal as if everything is in reference to you. It's not.

Believe me, I know that tools are optional, but guess what? When I signed up, my sponsor (who was a close friend) told me that no one has EVER SUCCEEDED in the business without subscribing to tools. Then he told me I don't have to buy the tools, but then I might as well forget about success. Maybe your upline didn't do that, but mine did and so did many other higher pins in our LOS.

At 12/01/2005 11:59:00 AM, Anonymous Tony said...

So do we all agree then? That there are some people who had a bad upline, but not all?...

And that you can't blame ALL people's upline, just the one's that were shady/unethical?...

And that it's not Quixtar that is bad, but the actual Individual who acts unethically?

Do we all agree on that?

Then why is the title of this blog QuixtarSucks?? Why do so many critics bash Qx, and call it a scam! Why don't critics say "I was on Joe Schmoe's team out of LA and he's shady!"

And why have I (Tony) been personally attacked? Why have I been called "pinhead, Tony-bot, PH Tony, Tonymoron, coward, scam artist, idiot, etc"? Why?

Maybe you Frank, or Joe have been civil - but why is it, any Qx-supporter who comes on these sites in defense of Qx and their team, gets BLASTED by the majority of critics. They're either labeled naive, or a quixbot, or brainwashed, or "tapespeaking"!

And it's BS. Even a critic on Qblog once said it: the majority of stereotypes are coming from the critics!

Most critics really need to rethink what they're doing.
Blindly bashing the business itself, or any IBO who comes on here with positive things to say is Wrong! could it possibly be that the business is changing. could it possibly be that the Majority of IBO's are running their business ethically, that the dirtballs are slowly dropping off. That most LOS are teaching: "don't be overbearing, or pushy, Build your business with integrity... you're just looking for lookers... Don't sell it, offer it. If they say No, that's OK.."? Couldn't That be the case? Well I think it IS the case.

And when critics get on here saying "its a cult!" or "have fun selling soap!", it just shows that they're out-of-touch with what's going on Now, and making a Wide generalization, based on their specific upline. IMHO

I base My opinions not only on what I've seen from my personal sponsor, but also from the experiences of other IBOs at my Open, other leaders in the city, other IBO's from other States, and people I talk to across the country at major conferences.

Critics need to keep all this in mind before they go off bashing Qx or some new IBO on a blog.

At 12/01/2005 12:39:00 PM, Blogger Loser said...

That there are some people who had a bad upline, but not all?...

And that you can't blame ALL people's upline, just the one's that were shady/unethical?...

And that it's not Quixtar that is bad, but the actual Individual who acts unethically?

Do we all agree on that?

Then why is the title of this blog QuixtarSucks?? Why do so many critics bash Qx, and call it a scam! Why don't critics say "I was on Joe Schmoe's team out of LA and he's shady!"

You know why? People like you who have good upline don't have balls to tell them who they are, and save others from bad upline.

Also, Quixtar is doing jack about bad uplines, they have BSMAA that give bad uplines power to screw their downline.

There are too many cases about BSMAA and arbitration.

Over and over again you are being told, yet you keep repeating.

C'mon, be a man, tell us about your "ethical upline", put up or shut up.

At 12/01/2005 02:33:00 PM, Blogger Joecool18 said...

There's more unethical uplines than Tony suspects. Maybe Tony is wearing rose colored glasses or something but I've experienced and witnessed many bad uplines and the poor advice they give people. I've seen houses foreclosed, bankruptcies and other lives torn because an IBO followed upline advice. Our upline diamond at a local function said he would advise a man to spend his last $6 on a tape because it may be the one thing that changes his business.

Tony's upline may not do this, but for anyone even considering the business, how do you know who you can trust? My upline didn't start giving me bad advice until I was starting to get serious about the business.

At 12/02/2005 12:19:00 AM, Blogger truth said...

Well I guess I should answer since I called Tony a Pinhead and coward. Tony you are a pinhead because you blindly defend things about this business to which you can't possibly know the truth. You dismiss anyone who disagrees with you no matter how much insider knowledge they had. Not to mention you can never stay consistent in your defense of the Q, which one can only conclude is that you make this stuff up as you go.

You are a coward because you will not put up when you are challenged, and please spare me they thing with the checks. Like I said to you on my blog "Meeting one challenge does not permit you to run your mouth recklessly in the future."

Also Tony I would like to see you explain your latest "foot-eating". You said on my blog that $30,000 a MONTH was not as much as you make. I would like you to explain how you make $30K+ a month. Not to many people who make that much money have time at work to post comments on blogs.

At 12/02/2005 12:37:00 PM, Blogger Joecool18 said...

Tony's defending the business, but looking at it through rose colored glasses. In other words, his upline has treated him well so that makes it ok. My perspective is that there are far too many uplines who are unethical so you really don't know who you can trust. Also, it seems like upline really only give close guidance to
core (serious) people building the business. Tony admits that he hasn't put forth the effort to really make it big. When I first started the business, I was mostly retail but after a month and hitting 1000 PV my personal use and retail (and I sponsored like 4 people), my upline then told me I NEEDED to be on the teaching system. That's when I got SCAMMED.

At 12/02/2005 01:02:00 PM, Anonymous Tony said...

No troothless,
See you critics state things from Your POV, and I give arguements from MY POV.

And STOP trying to say I'm lying or "making stuff up as I go" - just because I Forgot how I Worded ONE argument!! It is MY belief that Many more marriages have been helped than hurt by this team! And I knew I never promised to give names, but the way it was worded one could read it and expect it. I clarified that I did not intend to imply that I actually give out the names of people, which wouldn't make a difference in the 1st place. So I didn't tuck tail and run! I stated what I meant by the statement and supported Why I felt that way, and explained why I wouldn't psot their names on the net!

So Stop implying that just because I forgot the word I used 1 time that I'm contradicting myself and making up lies!!

Oh, and as for my "latest foot-eating": I can understand how your cribot mind mis-read my argument. See, if you go back and read the original post- you and others criticized this guy for saying that he made "more in a Month, than you make in a Year". Someone said "is he psychic?". And I said that maybe he was going on average income - as in the average person might make around $30,000 a year. So if this guy was making $30,000 a month - that Might be more than the yearly income of whoever he was talking too. I simply stated that it wasn't more than what I make in a year, but it Might be more than what Some people make in a year. I don't know where the Quote was taken from so I don't know Who he was talkng to. Its very possible that he Does make more in a month than that guy does in a year.

See my point now - I wasn't saying that I make more than $30,000 a month! I was saying that (since I make over $50,000/yr), this guys Monthly income doesn't exceed My yearly income, but it Might exceed someone Else's yearly income, who might only make in the 30's, which is around the national average.

Understand now? Sorry everyone, for the long explanation, but this guy seems to love bashing me and twisting things - and I wanted to be sure he got his facts straight.

Don't worrying troothless, keep up your smear campaign, I promise I won't be thinking of you much when I'm on Peter Island, other than to chuckle of the thought of you in Nebraska still typing this BullSh!t, and then going out in your barn to shovel some! :P

At 12/02/2005 01:11:00 PM, Anonymous Buck Futter said...

Hilarious. Tony claims to make over 50K annually. Assuming he's telling the truth (big assumption), this guy spends many hours of his 50,000 job defending a system that nets him $100 a month if he's lucky.

Talk about brainwashed.

At 12/02/2005 01:15:00 PM, Anonymous Tony said...

Joe - you told me you were a 4,000pin? So explain that. You went 1000pv and then sponsored your 1st 4 people and then you got scammed to buy some tools? How long did it take you to go 4,000 and did you only have those 4 IBOs? You said you quit at 4000pv cause your expense were to hight and you didn't think you'd ever make money. So did you quit at 1000 after you sponsored your 1st 4 people and were told to utilize the training system - or did you quit at 4,000pv after giving up hopes of making much money?

Also, you say you sponsored 4 people and your upline told you needed to be on the teaching system... and THAT's when you got scammed. So did you feel this way when you were told you HAD to buy certain books for your college classes? See in college you HAVE to buy the rquired texts.
Why wouldn't you want to educate yourself with the businesses training system? But either way, even if you didn't want to - in this business (unlike college) you Don't HAVE To!! You didn't get Scammed! You QUIT! You got instructed by someone who wanted to see you grow that now that you had a team developing you might want to plug into the training system and you took it as being scammed. Even if he Told you, you Had to, you Know you Didn't. Do whatever you want.

At 12/02/2005 02:45:00 PM, Anonymous frankenberry said...

I don't agree with your comparison of tools and college text books. When one attends college, he knows beforehand that to achieve a degree in x major, he will have to take a number of classes over various subjects, and that as a condition of taking these classes he will have to buy textbooks. In the majority of cases what is taught in class revolves around the content of those books, and the tests pertain directly to them. All of this is known before the individual enrolls.

Now I assume that the only "test" for the IBO is how much money he is making (I could be wrong what motivates people to do something is known only to them, but in the majority of cases making money is the prime if not only consideration). If I am right about this, the reason one would buy tools is that they think it will be profitable for them in the long run. I am sure some of the tools do help people in their businesses. But given the size of the business training system, how much of the material is really useful? How effective are these tools in helping the IBO make money?

I'll put a different spin on your Quixtar/college analogy. Let's assume that there is an engineering school and that its graduates have a really hard time finding positions after graduating. It is also the case that a small number of graduates are now making really good money. Are the majority of graduates (those who can't find work) losers or quitters or whatever because they could not replicate the success of the minority of the school's graduates? I think it is more likely that there is something wrong with the school. If you apply the same logic to the tools, it would seem that by and large there is a problem there, particularly in LOSs where the system is pushed on the IBO.

At 12/05/2005 12:27:00 PM, Blogger Joecool18 said...


I did sign up and went 1000 PV just by sponsoring some friends and by retailing. (One guy's dad bought a massaging chair for 300 PV so that helped). Anyways, my sponsor then meets with me, and says I'm doing well, but my money's being made strictly on MY efforts. So he says that if I plug into upline, I can really make the big bucks by using leverage (the efforts of others/downline), but everyone is compensated fairly. OK, so I bought inot the teaching system and my business continued to grow. I was one of the "stars" at the time, moving and growing.

I didn't quit as I said, because of a lack of income though, it was because my upline then told me to dump my girlfriend (now wife of 10 years). I later learned all about the dirty secrets of the business.

I'm pretty sure I would have gone platinum if I stayed the course, but I also realize now that it wouldn't be worth it.

At 12/13/2005 02:47:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would like to ask a question. I want to know from the former IBO's with bad uplines, why didn't you go further upline past the person who was giving you bad advice?

At 12/13/2005 02:50:00 PM, Blogger Loser said...

What they'll tell you? Buy more tapes? Attend more seminars?

And of course, edify your abusive upline.

At 12/13/2005 03:10:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The reason I asked about going further upline is because if you truly wanted to have a successful business you would have wanted to have good guidance...if you thought that you were getting unethical guidance, then you should have told your upline beyond. (another question I would have to ask is what is the general definition of "unethical" in this string?).

I can tell you that Gary Newell had a bad upline...his upline took all the money for his downline's orders and bought crack with it. Gary took a loan out to pay his downline back and went further upline. He had another upline say that he could share a hotel room with him, but when he got there, his upline decided to buy some entertainment of the physical kind Gary went further upline. And this month after all that unethical upline crap he went through, he is now one month in diamond qualification.

At 8/07/2007 01:26:00 AM, Anonymous NewBegin said...


If you are married be loyal to your wife, dont use other's wife.

Why can you stupid guys understand a simple concept.

At 8/07/2007 01:31:00 AM, Anonymous Have guts said...

Hello Loser, When I was reading this blog I thought you must be a DOG, when I saw the picture in your profile it was confirmed. You are not just a DOG but a STRAY DOG!


At 10/28/2010 11:11:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its funny reading this, or trying to read it, with the terrible english is written in. This was posted 5 years ago.
Question, are you any better off now 5 years later because you decided to be a hero genius? I bet you found some other business to criticize and you still haven't become successful. By the way Quixtar, which is Amway, has grown to $8.6 billion now, in a bad economy.....I feel sorry for you guys who did not choose to get a piece of that, because you were too busy writing negative on the internet. Good job.

At 10/18/2011 09:08:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does any blogger know how to actually post a credible argument? I mean, with real evidence instead of hearsay and assumptions? Just curious.


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