Friday, November 11, 2005

You weren't doing it right

When we quit, we returned some tools to our sponsor (W and F, H). When he came to pick them, he said, "You were not doing this business right. You worked hard but that's not the way to build this business". My dad and I were dumb founded. We listened and learned from him how to do "this business" right for a year. He never said we were doing anything wrong. He just kept saying how "sharp" businessmen we are.

We trusted him, related to him and because of him, and with him, traveled hundreds of miles, spent thousands of dollars. We weren’t doing anything wrong then, were we? Now we've left and returning tools, it's time to tell us we were doing it all "wrong".

I bit my tongue. Made a decision right there. I won't tell him he's not doing it "right" either. He spends more than us on "this business". Let him keep shelving his racks with tapes. Let him keep driving in Canadian winters. Let him do it "right".

I never tried to talk him out of it. Not after hearing that. Two years have passed. I bet he has lost more than $20,000 on tools, expensive products, never ending US functions and other Quix-crap.

He knows my "name is coming on internet". But he said he won't read my blog. Fine! More he loses, better critic he'll become ;) I'm waiting, patiently.

By the way he never returned us any money. We reimbursed each of our downline who returned tools. I think it comes down to how you were raised. I dunno.

Also, I am taking responsibility of my actions. I'm letting people know what this business really is, and if they listen, they may not make the mistakes I made. I didn't have any Vinay, but I hope to become one.

The Corner Store: Quixtar. What star? is a great blog by another desi. We desis speak funny, may not enjoy beer much, aren't spectacular in winter sports but dammit we can blog!

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At 11/14/2005 01:37:00 PM, Blogger Joecool18 said...

Anytime you are partaking of tools and channeling your time and money upline, you are always right. Anything else is wrong.

Seems like it runs in all LOS.


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