Saturday, November 12, 2005

Imran NFL week 10 picks

Waymee, MG and yours truly had a great NFL confidence pool running in QuixtarBlog forum. Too bad, that forum is banged up like NE Patriots defense. So lets continue our battle over my blog.

These were my picks for week 9
@ = home

@JAX over HOU 16
NYG over @SF 15
SD over @NYJ 14
@KC over OAK 13
CAR over @TB 12
PIT over @GB 11
DET over @MIN 10
SEA over @ARZ 9
CHI over @NO 8
@CLE over TEN 7
ATL over @MIA 6
CIN over @BAL 5
IND over @NE 4
@WAS over PHI 3

I got 123 points, and only one wrong pick, Detroit Lion over Minnesota Vikings! I think I won big. First time....

Here are my picks for week 10

16 @Indianapolis Over Houston
15 @Pittsburgh Over Cleveland
14 @Carolina Over N.Y. Jets
13 @N.Y. Giants Over Minnesota
12 @Jacksonville Over Baltimore
11 @Detroit Over Arizona
10 Kansas City Over @Buffalo
9 Denver Over @Oakland
8 @Atlanta Over Green Bay
7 @Chicago Over San Francisco
6 New England Over @Miami
5 @Seattle Over St. Louis
4 Washington Over @Tampa Bay
3 Dallas Over @Philadelphia

Any body can play! You may post your picks here.

Update: I got 98 points for week 10

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At 11/15/2005 01:45:00 PM, Anonymous Waymee said...

My picks haven't been anything to write home about. I finished 19th out of 21 people for two weeks in a row since QBlog has been down. I am not sure where I finished this week (Week 10). I could have won the week if Philadelphia had won a high-scoring game last night.

Congrats on your picks! You are putting me to shame. One person in our pool had a perfect 133 point score for Week 9.


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