Saturday, November 26, 2005

TEAM Orrin, Scott Larsen, Mirrors, Me?

I'm still bugged by TOD lawyers via Scott Larsen about the pages I mirrored, and removed from my website.

I mirrored them when lawsuit was on. From October 2004 until December 2004. Scott asked me late November 2004 to remove my mirror pages to help him settle the lawsuit with "The Team of Destiny" (TOD). I cdid in early December 2004.

Once the lawsuit was over, I put them back on. I didn't like the lawsuit and TEAM bully tactics. I removed them again on July 2005, since I learned TOD is harassing Scott and he is losing thousands of Dollars on lawyers to answer about mirrors, and I did't want to sign any thing affidavit etc. for TOD. Beside, TOD had changed their name etc. How he was answering for something that's on my site? I'll never understand. They were open to public pages when I downloaded them.

Now even after I've removed, I still have to sign Affidavit and give it to Quixtar / TOD lawyers? Lesson learned: Never give in to lawyers. Their demands will never end. I should not have removed them in the first place. What's next, remove my blog? Sign up for Quixtar?

I've asked Scott repeatedly, Am I doing any thing illegal? He can't answer.

And look at the lawsuit. Isn't it pure bullshit? I mean they didn't dispute whether the content is true or not, just 'Copy Write', like people gonna buy tapes from Scott's site or mirror instead of TOD confused by their logo! Wait a minute! he removed all their logos and put © beside their name. It wasn't enough, was it? They want pages GONE. It was never about Copy Write. It was about silencing criticism.

That affidavit is fishy. TOD is not contacting me directly since I'm not doing anything illegal. I'll record their calls any way. Don't call me if you want to keep it secret! If you call me, it will go online. But what the......I don't even have mirrors!! Have I showed them weakness by removing mirrors? If that's the case, should I put them up again?

By the way, mirrors are up at many other places.

That case was settled, not decided by jury. You know what that means? One party may not be able to pay lawyer fee any more. My guess, Scott may have won the case if he had more money than TEAM Orrin / TOD.

My question is, am I doing anything illegal? Why am I bugged to give some thing in writing to TOD?

Yeah I mirrored that page on my own. Scott never asked me to. But am I willing to travel and take my time to testify? Why? Again, what I did illegal? Is their any court order on these pages? Like Blakey report? Was their ever any court order?

I'll blog about mirrors soon, that will put them bit higher on google again, some on Eorope or Asia may mirror it.

I've moved on, since July 2005. If they would have left the issue alone, I would have 'forgedaboudid'. It's like a bully bullying me to give something that I don't even have. What I'll do to bully? Have friends join against the bully.

Good job TOD, to give me content to write about. Again, who is responcible for negativity, QUIXTAR. Good JOB.

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