Monday, February 06, 2006

Steelers SuperBowXL Champs

Update: Big Ben's Touch Down. True, some calls were not clear this whole play-off, but gimme a break.

Update 2: NFL Head Ref, Mike Pereira explained each "controversial" call on NFL network.

- Ben TD looks like a clear TD at some angles, didn't at others. Mike said it was a TD. There is no clear evidence that it wasn't. And it doesn't matter official raised one or two hands for split second.

- There was a definite offensive pass interference on Derrel Jackson TD. Mike said he would demote his officials if they didn't call it. in 2003 all coaches specially Colts begged for this rule. And now that's the bad call?

- Same play, Matt Hassleback was out of pocket, so defender can touch the players. So there was no defensive pass interference. (Read the rules).

- Seatle's player was out of bound on incomplete pass. He didn't have possession when his foot ruffled with corner.

- Only bad call was Matt's tackle.

- There had been 10-15 wrong calls / game like 10 years ago. It is real hard to be accurate in such a bang bang game. Now it's down to 3 - 4 calls. And we are complaining? This SB was officiated no different than any other game of regular season. As ppl say, let the player play, don't throw flag. But coaches keep begging on some rules.

As Mike said, it is unfair to players, fans and officials to call SB different than 1st week, 8th week and 16th week game.

I liked steelers by playing Madden in XBox. Yeah!! I got addicted to football by playing madden first, not the other way around. Weird eh! I had great success playing Jerome Bettis. Run him, pick 4-5 yards. Run him again. And again, and again. And he'll give you yards out of no where. Pass once in a while to loosen up, then run again. That was my whole strategy. Works wonders!

Then I asked is this guy really that good? Is he a bulldozer or what? Then I saw steelers in their first few matched of the season and wow, he was. And of course, the un-selfishness of the whole team (last AFC Championship to now) is amazing. Bill Cowher is interesting to watch. And best gadget plays :) What other team is more fun to watch? WR running, another throwing TD, RB throwing TD etc.

What is most impressive is this team is been a play-off type team since last 10 years. That is something.

And now they won, from 7-5 to Super Bowl XL winner. I hope they make a dynasty.

Some negative people had yucky perceptions about them, saying negative out of their habbit.

One decision was really wierd. Matt's tackle. I'll update you when officials explain it on NFL Network. Officials got a lot of shit on Palomalu's interception. Head NFL Coach said so on air. So lets see what they say about this decision.

Ben's TD run was a touch down. They've shown it many times on NFL network. It did cross the plane. Mike Holmgrin did not act professionally at half time.

MLMscam, what's up dude?
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At 2/06/2006 04:30:00 PM, Blogger Joecool18 said...

Props to the Steelers.

Ben did make that touchdown. He doesn't have to cross the line, just break the plain.

Seattle got two INT's and had great field position all of the first half and could not capitalize.

p.s. National anthem was awful in this game!

At 2/06/2006 05:50:00 PM, Blogger Mevious said...

I'm from Seattle area, so i'm prolly bias, but:

The "push off" call was crap

And not calling the 4-5 offsides that *I* saw on the steelers was a real pain

That being said, it seemed like every flag they could pull on seattle they did, but the steelers got away with _a lot_.

and finally, Roth's Td wasnt one ;)

At 2/06/2006 06:14:00 PM, Blogger Joecool18 said...

Yeah, the push off call was a bit tight, but his arm was straight out. I thought the ref could have called pass interference on both the receiver and db.

To me, the worst call was one like Tom Brady's tuck rule call.

Seattle had the lead and good field position most of the first half and did not capitalize. That was a bigger issue.

At 2/12/2006 12:38:00 AM, Anonymous midnightokr said...

Obviously if you became a fan of the pitt by playing madden, you must not be a bright person nor know much to actually say quixtar sucks. If you honestly knew football, bettis actually SUCKS and is at the end of his career. By describing your gameplan of running, running, running, then throwing out of suprise; you sound just as smart as madden on abc which is not that smart at all buddy. No crap thats a game plan, thats actually every coaches gameplan but it doesnt work all the time, and if you actually were a pitt fan you'd realize how much pitt has been passing instead of running, why you ask? CUZ BETTIS SUCKS, hes just a symphaty player cuz hes been there so long with no ring untill just now. Know your stuff before you start posting articles. Future diamond out.

At 2/15/2006 03:16:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey dude, what's up?! It's me, mlmscam.

Just wanted to touch base with you here to see how you were doing.

Although I still visit the site on occasion, I am no longer posting on the quixtar blog because of what I perceive as Eric Janssen's (QBlog) idiocy and double standards as to the way he runs his site.

How much I've supported his site and edified (to use a quixtar term) him and his blog, yet he still felt the need to take potshots at me in my ongoing battles with mastergunner, especially after the latter told me in one of his postings to "go f--k yourself". So I just said screw him and decided to permanently ban myself from his website.

I hope everything is going well with you. I want to give my comment on the steeler's big victory a few weeks ago, but that will be on the next posting below:

At 2/15/2006 03:27:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

mlmscam here again.

I thought the superbowl was a great game and a very fitting end to the steeler's surprising dominance during this year's playoffs (especially since, as you know, I'm a huge fan of them).

I'm tired of people bitching about the officiating though. The steelers had the game well in hand after their rough start and still would have won by a lopsided score had it not been for that fluke interception return in the 3rd quarter by Seattle, after the steelers were once again knocking on the door for another score.

Every team gets bad calls against them during the course of a season which evens out for everybody in the end (remember Palomalu's "non-interception" in the colts game?)

True, Ben R. did not get into the endzone with his dive towards the goal line in the 2nd quarter (a careful look at the replays confirms this), but at that point Pittsburgh had already solved Seattle's constantly shifting defensive schemes and would have easily scored on a Bettis plunge on fourth down with less than a foot to go anyways.

Finally, after 25 years, we got "one for the thumb"!

At 2/15/2006 10:26:00 AM, Anonymous mlmscam said...

To midnightokr:

And if you honestly knew anything about business, you would easily come to the realization that the quixtar business sucks. You would easily see that it is nothing more than a motivational pyramid scheme where 99.99% of the suckers involved are enriching the shameful con artists situated at the top of the scheme.

I strongly suggest you stay away from a topic (football) that you obviously know nothing about and instead focus your energies into uncovering the true facts for yourself about how you're financially being taken for a ride
by the never ending con games of Bill "the schmuck" Britt and the rest of the slimeball diamonds who operate that scheme.

At 2/15/2006 11:29:00 AM, Anonymous mlmscam said...


Re: Ben's TD dive

I looked at various angles from still photos of that one play and it definitely looked like Ben did not make that TD. However, seeing for the first time a live video of the play from your site, it does indeed look like Ben crossed the plane of the goal line with the ball.

Go Black & Gold!

At 2/15/2006 11:44:00 AM, Blogger Loser said...

Yeah, officiating: There was a fumble of Jeremy Stevens that was ruled as an incomplete pass. He catch the ball, turned, took one step, tackled and lost. Farrior must have recovered it but whistle blow the play dead.

And about Matt's fumble. Foote touched him while he was at his feet, and he was ruled as down by contact. Ironic when Seahawks fan bitch about Offensive pass interference call. That was a clear interference in end zone.

As a dude on CBS site put it:

"It was a push off "Initiating contact with a defender by shoving or pushing off thus creating a separation in an attempt to catch a pass." His arm was extended and the defensive player who initally was on the balls of his feet was not flat-footed AND had to take a step BACK. This only happens if your PUSHED. Did Ben cross the goal? Well if you watch in slow motion as he is met in mid-air by the defender it was awfully close. You cant see the tip of the ball as it is tucked away but you can make the case he crossed and you can make the case he didnt. Since the call on the field was he did then there must have been significant evidence to over turn it. There wasnt. Besides it was only 3rd down. Meaning Pitt could have gone for it on 4th and still gotten it. Stevens choked. He dropped 3-4 passes that would have had Seattle deep in Pitt territory. Herndon ran out of gas on an INT return are you kidding me? How do you run out of gas on an INT return down the sideline in a SUPERBOWL? Two missed FG's and the horrible clock management at the end of the halves. Not to mention a key INT in Pitt territory, giving up a 75 TD run and a Trick Play for a TD? Come on just face it that the Seahawks had no business playing that game. And only 22 running attempts when you have the league MVP? What was Seattle's game plan? They were down no more then 11 points most of the game, thats no reason to abandon the run game. Not only were they not prepared they were outplayed and outcoached and Holmgren doesnt want to take responsibility for it."

Bill Cowher deserved it man. Last year they went 15-1, with rookie QB, and starter after starter injured!!! Neither colts nor seahawks were 15-1!!!!!! And this year, man oh man.

Check out QBlog radio, QBlog was say seahawks will win and MG was rooting for colts. Ha, in their face.

We should buy QBlog Sucks T shirt. Whatchya think?


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