Sunday, April 03, 2005

Any march sales record?

March is a record sales month for Quixtar.

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In the basketball world, March Madness typically refers to college basketball programs' race toward NCAA tournament qualification. In Quixtar, there are other qualifications that people are striving for, and it's an important time of year for Quixtar. Last year, March 31 was Quixtar's biggest sales day ever at more than $11 million, until Aug. 31, 2004 blew past $12 million. March is the beginning of the second half of our performance year, so it's when those who are serious about their business-building efforts really get cracking.

So, any sales record this year?

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At 4/13/2005 03:21:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apparently we didn't have a sales record this Mar 31. Haven't heard a thing from the corp. That's a first since Quixtar's inception, I think.


At 4/13/2005 01:36:00 PM, Blogger Loser said...

Thanks Dorothy,

By the 15th all bonuses are calculated so I guess I can wait for a few more days :-)

I don't remember what happened last March / April. Tracking highest sales day may not take as long as calculating whole month's sales. I dunno. Lets see

At 5/06/2005 02:22:00 PM, Anonymous Tony said...

I don't know, did Walmart, Kroger, Kmart, BestBuy, etc. break records in March? What's your point exactly, besides taking up 7k of webspace?

At 5/06/2005 02:39:00 PM, Anonymous Tony said...

tell everyone you know about this post - I was suckered into a SCAM by people I trusted! After spending $1,000's of dollars to "get started" in the program, I was forced to buy dozens of books, often written by the person telling me I needed to buy them. And of course they offered a "buy-back" but for full price, but like 1/10!! Then I had to meet in the same place every week, with the same people and listen to the same guy. I was told it was a 2-4 process, but most people took longer and like half the people quit anyways. And then at the end there's no guarantee your even gonna make any money!! But the one good thing is I can say I graduated from college and I have a nice receipt, I mean 'Degree' to hang on the wall. Yea, re-read it and think about it, I was talking about college - why doesn't anyone call THAT a SCAM?!?

At 5/06/2005 03:09:00 PM, Blogger Loser said...

Tony> I don't know, did Walmart, Kroger, Kmart, BestBuy, etc. break records in March? What's your point exactly, besides taking up 7k of webspace??

Imran>Regarding ur first message, u didn't bother to read any one else's message did u?

In Quixtar claims are made that it is 'exploding' and as Dorothy said, every march they broke a sales record ..... except this one. And yet, they have not beaten away records in nineties. So my point was to debunk that myth and point out the saturation. Some body has to stop these myths :)

By the way is 7k your web space? Your dad's? I mean WTF? A lot of gibberish out there and you have to ask me? Why not you go ask spam mailers and porn sites these questions?

Don't worry, I know I'm doing something right, why else would you take time to comment :D

2nd point: College dollars:

I heard it on tapes many times. Have u got any original thought?

Lets say it is a scam. And you tell me "Why not u write about that scam?" and I write about that scam. Somebody said "Why not you write about Quixtar scam", see my point? No one can write about all the scams. I'm writing what I know. It was more of a question. You go ahead write about college scam, if u feel like it! Freedom of speech.

It's more like deflection. If some one is doing some thing about thing a, does it make any sense if some one says "y don't u go do something about b". It's like telling ppl who donate for famine that they should rather be donating to tsunami.

So college: I make good living because of my education, so does every body around me. What you said about college is plain BS. Average graduate makes some what 40k starting.

And average IBO makes less than $1500 / year?

Last: I don't make any excuses of what I do and don't understand the ppl who tell me "y not u do that?". I do what I do, if you want to do some thing, go do it yourself.

I'll tell every one about that post, I'm not deleting it, my own blog's reputation and ranking will help your post. Will you tell every one about this blog?

Whatever you do man, come up with original thought. Don’t repeat tape talk, sounds like a broken record. And it’s no fun, as easy it is to debunk it.

At 5/06/2005 05:37:00 PM, Anonymous Tony said...

First of all I really respect you for learning English as a 2nd language. I've been to Spain, and studied it for 4 years, I speak a little Korean; and know that's hard to do. However, nothing I said in my post is false. And 2ndly, the question, "why doesn't anyone write about That scam" was sort of a rhetorical question. It was more of a statement that I notice ALL these people writing Quixtar-bashing posts, about profit from tools, seminars etc. but how is college different? I don't care what the average college grad makes, all I said was there's no gaurantee to make any $, which is true. Thats something some people complain about from this business but don't about college. People complain about the cost of books, seminars, etc when for 1), its optional, 2)its cheaper, but then have no problem being forced to buy a $100 book in college they never even used! And just so you know, there is growth in this business, I see it at our local meeting, and at the last conference. Hey, you write about whatever you want. But what I said, is true, and just so you know, I've never heard Anyone put it like that on a CD, those are my thoughts, whether I was the first to say it or not. Truth is truth! Buenas dias! and "Ahnyang hana ship nika"! (Good day & goodbye, have a nice day)


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