Sunday, March 27, 2005

Travel required by an IBO

As I told you about my experiences of time required by an IBO and Cost of being an IBO. How about travelling required by an IBO?

Open, once a week
Quest, or PASE, once a week
Monthly rallies
4 major functions, 12 hours one way travel
2 other functions like 600 PV leadership or 1000 PV leadership
Showing the plan, in width and in depth.
When uplines or some upline scum bag, I mean diamond visits, going to see that plan

With the fuel prices and environmental stuff, dude...

Are there business opportunities where you can make more that $115 / month without travelling that much? Hell yeah! Dude, it's north America. If you don't know any thing that can make you more that that, what type of a moron are you?

And no, your diamonds don't make that much money doing so. They make it having you doing all that stuff and listening to their tapes. Your odds of going diamond are next to none. How many diamonds are there? How many IBOs? why is that? Yup, if there will be more diamonds, then diamonds won't be rich. I mean c'mon. How many peaces a pie can be divided?

So go ahead, stop travelling that much and find a home based business. Not oil based.

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