Monday, March 28, 2005

Getting Disciplined

Discipline is what make any thing works. Whether its excercise, work, study or blog. So I'm thinking of getting disciplined about this blog. My schedule would be:

A thought out post about Quixtar. Like what's good / bad about it. (Who said good :P Seriously I learned public speaking and stuff but price was too high. I made some Friends when I was gung-ho IBO but they don't talk to me any more :( Winners think I'm negative and quitters may think I am still in.

It might be some 'dig' like Wikipedia love story or something like that.

Wednesday: Some specific incident when I was in. Good or bad.

Friday: A joke :) It's good for health ya know. There is a jokes thread in Quixtar Blog forum as well. Started by my tag team partner mlmscam.

My other blog project world improvement will have a post on every saturday. Inshallah.

Idea shamelessly stolen from Quixtar Blog. But I'm not glaring at you with creepy eyes :)

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At 5/31/2008 02:40:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay...All I have to say is that for someone who hates Quixtar that much you sure do to take a lot of time talking about. Just get a life. need a real hobby. why don't you stop bashing a company and make one of your one. Honestly,you need to understand it doesn't work for everyone because SOME people are not business people. They just don't others. So just MOVE ON WIHT YOUR LIFE and don't make fun of other peoples dreams!


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