Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Who's responcible

If I'm sold a car from some one I know and trust, would I do an extensive checking? Some will, many won't. I bought a second hand corolla from Toyota. Didn't do much research. Any research at all in fact! Toyota is a good name. Beside, government watches all businesses. Shop is here, not going any where.

And you know what, it's a damn good vehicle giving a great service, mashallah. It's my second most prized possession. (First is my precious).

What if I bought a car from a family friend? I'll believe whatever condition he'll say. I'm no ca expert so I'd look at the mileage, paint and that's all. I'll ask him how is the condition and more likely to believe him. Just like I believed Toyota.

If the car turns out to be crappy, and even mileage is not what it shows, plus I found out that in fine print of sales agreement, I give up my right to complain, whose fault is this? Am I responsible for my loss? Or I am just a victim of fraud?

People who hold an opinion that only greedy or stupid people sign up, read Merchants of Deception. See how a person like you can get involved!

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