Sunday, July 03, 2005

Why MLM is stupid?

If you have been in Quixtar, you heard it, you can divide your circle into 3 type of people
  1. A list - Family and Friends
  2. B List - Acquaintances
  3. C List - Rest of the world
Of course, you have to eventually start prospecting the C list. Theoretically, you can only sponsor A & B and they only sponsor their A & B list, which may have some one you don't know. But I'd venture to say in reality it never happened. Find me an example of a person who went Q12 and he and his team never went C list.

To go through C list, what do you do? In Quixtar you can't advertise. In the beginning we didn't know that and did some home made advertisement. Posted some ads in mosques and stores. Put some butts on the seats and sponsored some of them. Break few small pins as well. But than we were told it's against the rules.

Ok now what? One on one prospecting? Tuesday is open, Friday is Quest (now pase?) and bunch of STP / follow ups / QIs in between. Some upline plan, some downline follow visit. Some how you have to prospect in between these events.

Did you see any thing wrong with above model? It's grossly inefficient!!! Ad / mass marketing is the way to go! Quixtar prospecting method is just a waste of time and energy. Yours and prospects. With a lot of unethical things you have to do e.g. secret meeting and prospecting in some one else's business property.


PS: I got engaged (with a girl) on April 29th (Or May 29th?). I posted it on da forum but for those who don't hang out in those negative forums .... go ahead, congratulate me.

It was a fun engagement. Lots of kids! And they were hanging from me every where. Kids alawys like me. Food was great. I love food.

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At 4/03/2006 01:11:00 AM, Anonymous rara said...

Kumar said that he never used a C list and left Kate messages saying how you could get referrals from people you know, and referrals from those referrals, and so on, but I'm almost sure practically everyone on his team did.


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