Saturday, June 11, 2005

MLM Blog - Quixtar related entries are BACK

Kawabonga! Ty "The Macho Man" Tribble has put Quixtar category back in his MLM blog. I found a while back, and wasn't very excited that Quixtar related entries GONE.

Are all Quixtar related entries are back or just few, I couldn't navigate to the past entries but that could be just me.

I like those bloggers who put an "update" on their blogs. The Blakey Report Story is a good example.

I know he is the president of the United States, errr, passport. Will I do the same thing if I were him? I dunno. But here is what I know: Web is fiercly honest! If all Quixtar related entries are back, Author of MLM blog appear more straight forward and web-savvy to me. Thus I'm more likely to sign up.

Companies have a full right to criticize each other. Pepsi does that to Coca Cola all the time. If a passport blog criticizes some aspects of Quixtar, so? Is Pepsi a bad company? Not really! Is Bo short character's been assassinated by Quixtar Diamonds etc. Oh yeah! Billy Florence linked Qrush didn't he?

So if mlmblog has some entries that criticize Quixtar business model, is it bad? or illegal? No, not really! Quixtar IBOs are free to comment there! Similarly Quixtar, or any one have a right to criticize passport, or any thing. What the hell I'm doing :) It's your birth right! And you do it to many things. I know people are afraid to speak up about Quixtar becuase of their legal blood hounds. Heck, I'm harassed for writing a blog that gets less than 40 hits a day!

Any way, lets hope all entries are back. They are written well, tight and professionaly. I know they help a lot of people to understand network marketting better.

Way to go, Ty "The Macho Man" Tribble! Welcome back to the Jedi,

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