Thursday, June 09, 2005

Strengths of Quixtar

Despite being mathemtically flawed and all, Quixtar does have some strengths. Why people cling on to it? Here they are:

Great people

An average IBO is a good person. He is! He is positive, excited (at least looks like) and genuinely sincere. In his heart, he is offering you a win-win situation and best opportunity. Same thing he thinks it's good for him and his family. He will go out of his way to help you. Hard to say no to such a nice guy eh!

Without these great people, Quixtar won't last a second. A bad person can't sponsor a single person.

True, they use secret meeting and all, but they are trying to show you the "whole" picture and see what they see.


IBOs seem united. Only few who have been 'in' for long know some of the differences. Other wise serving crossline is not very uncommon.

Hard work

An average core IBO does work hard. Reall hard. I heard about my upline that he hardly spends a weekend at home. Always driving to show the plan. I always wonder when does he sleep?

Making it look easy

With tapes and seminars, they make it look so easy. Just around the corner. It is a skill to make any thing look so easy.

Exploring flaws

Every thing has some flaws. In the beginning of plan they list the ways to make money and point out their flaws. A good sales technique.


An average IBO is not a scammer. He is not an evil person. He is doing what is good for him, and you. He sincerely believes in it and want you to succeed and have a prosperous life. Don't know about IBOs who figured that out (Platinum and above?) are sincere any more but majority is.

Sense of Ownership

This is Quixtar's major strength. An IBO is not working for Quixtar. He is not working for any one. He thinks he is working for him. He'll go extra mile and do whatever he can. He'll build Quixtar, defend Quixtar and live Quixtar. He'll do all the work, and Quixtar and Kingpins will sit back, relax and take the bigger peace of pie. Cha-ching. I find it ironic when Dexter yager talks about slaves.

Reminds me a story of two brothers who inherited a cow. Older brother tricked younger one to take the front part and he took the rear end. Younger one fed the cow and stuff, as cow's mouth was his part; while older one took all the milk, as rear end was his part.

End is funny. Younger one started beating up his part of the cow when older one was taking his milk. Wonder if that'll happen to Quixtar?

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