Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Where are the leaders?

Quixtar Uplines teaches their downline that do not believe on any thing from a person that do not have a vested financial interest on you. And internet is just a bathroom wall of society.

Well, ok, A commenter Jona's dad raised a good point
You've touched on a point...the ego and arrogance of the kingpins (emeralds and above).

This question goes out to all IBOs...where are your leaders, defending the greatest "business" opporrtunity, since apple pie?

I know they know that QBlog is the single most popular place to come to for discussion on quixtar, see the Google results. This is it, this is the front line of the battle we're bringing to Quixtar's front door.

So, where are they? Don't they know quixtar's reputation is getting worse by the day? Are they scared to come on and have a discussion with us? Why do they send in the messenger boys, like tony and m&m, and not come on here like proud IBO leaders should? Are they afraid?

I for one am tired of tapespeak from the little guys. I'm tired of hearing "I'm not rich yet, but someday....blah, blah, blah. And, I know this one guy who makes...blah, blah, blah."

I want to hear from an emerald or above. I want to debate somebody who makes as much money as I do at my J-O-B, and compare lifestyles and how we got there. That is a challenge that has been made before, and never met. So, bring them on. Or do they have no pride, is just a bunch of hot air to be made into some tape?
Yup, if they know it all, why not they answer it on the internet? They can spout that they have a strategy to deal with "negativity on the internet", which means they are aware there is a negativity. And they also shows enthusiasm of the Quixtar Web Initiative. That strategy has backfired. Big fat bummer!

Why not they take charge and do it themselves? Have an open forum to answer all the negativity. Instead of having some writers writing ambiguous crap. I mean what does Kathleen means by that post? 'Negativity' gonna go away?

By the way, Quixtar WRTF is learning internet. Woo Hoo! Wanna learn from me? Not the master, but a guy not hated by most popular search engine?
That's all. Easy?

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