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Quixtar a Cult?�

Ok, from now on, if I see any Quixtar related entry, positive or negative, standing on some top spot in search engine results, but shouldn't be there, I'll blog about it. Enough with the BS.

Hmm, ibo facts says it's not. Lets see!
Not at all a cult.
Definitely a cult. Ok lets read further.
The Quixtar business, as with other business, has a distinct culture defined by shared business goals. Shared business philosophies should not be misinterpreted as a cult.
No they shouldn't be. I have worked in 3 major corporations and they all have their unique cultures. But their culture definitely didn't recommend their employees to isolate from some one who don't speak 'positive' about their work place. No, not at all! Even evil Microsoft culture is quit light and non-insulting as compared to Quixtar culture.

Also, I was those corporations. Didn't spend money to hear a 'leader' telling me employees are broke losers.

Bottom line, cult isolates it's members and use their resources for the top few. Major corporations, who have many faults, are not damaging to their employees (usually). Cults are! Quixtar motivational organizations are just like cults.
While unique as individuals, Quixtar IBOs share a desire to succeed in a business of their own, and they recognize the Quixtar Independent Business Ownership Plan as an excellent vehicle to achieve their goals. That should help you appreciate that Quixtar is nothing like a cult.
How is that helping? What's the point? Cult members also think highly of cults. So? But they end up isolated, somewhat mentally and financially devastated. Cult don't give them anything worth.

Does Quixtar gives their IBOs any thing worth? Average income does not even come close to average expense. And 50% of whole IBO force quit every year, labeled as 'losers'.

Is there EVER been any celebration in Quixtar if a diamond or some other leader leave Quixtar to pursue any other opportunities? In other 'corporation' cultures there have been many! People goes to new opportunities, retire and stuff. Every one who leaves Quixtar is either talked down or hided.

That should help you appreciate that Quixtar is nothing but a cult.

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At 5/08/2005 09:20:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm trying to find the part of the FAQs at other companies answering charges that they are "cults." Since this is an ordinary part of business, it should happen all the time, right?

So where in their respective FAQs do Anheiser-Busch, Lever Bros., Nature Made, General Mills, McDonalds or any other major company feel the need to answer questions about whether these other companies are a cult?

They don't.

Methinks Quixtar doth protest too much.

At 5/09/2005 10:30:00 AM, Anonymous Tony said...

Hey, we work with what you give us. If people say its a cult, we're gonna defend it. No one is aloser that quits Quixtar unless they start bashing it, I've had friends start and quit, and we're still friends. They don't bash it, it just wasn't for them, and I don't bash them. The one's that don't do it anymore, basically never did it, either it was bad timing, too busy, or never really put in the effort. I've had friends start a sport and then quit too, but we're still cool. Some teams might call quitters losers, my team just says, it wasn't for them, or it wasn't the right time. Stop grouping us all together. I also don't see us as isolationists, just becuase we promote staing away from negative-minded people. Anyone who's educated about success would tell you to associate with positive people and to avoid those who always talk about how they hate the world, or how sick they feel, or gossip about their neighbors. Hey hang out with whoever you want, I'll hang out with success-minded people. And some would say any sports fan who paints their face and cheers in a crowd is cult like behavior too, I call it team spirit. But whenever there's a group with commom goals that stands out from the crowd, some ignorant fool will call them a cult. Thanks for identifying yourself as such. Sorry but thats how it is. Or maybe your right, and all Packers and Bears fans are involved in a cult! The NFL should be banned!!

At 5/09/2005 02:20:00 PM, Blogger Loser said...

Dude, that was some readable para :)

Define cult. What is wrong with it and then you might understand.

Many companies are "a group with common goals that stands out from the crowd" and no body call them a cult. And thanks for saying it's ...uh...public who calls Quixtar / Amway a cult. Why?

Sports fan = cults. Yeah, that is a good one :)

Beside, u r the one grouping ppl together. Many friends of mine are fairly successful. They don't hate the world, and think Quixtar is just a scam.

Tell me about your group. What is the net profit? Group net profit – net expenses? Count every one, quitters too.

Also, what do u know about BSMAA?

At 5/09/2005 05:17:00 PM, Anonymous Tony said...

>Dude, that was some readable para :)

What are you guys all blind? Geez hold your pen against the screen if you have to.

>Many companies are "a group with common goals that stands out from the crowd" and no body call them a cult.

BS, "stand out"?, how does any other company stand out?" Quixtar stands out from other companies 'cause they do business different than P&G, GE, GM, etc. Don't say otherwise. Yea, Krogers, KMart and Walmart really stand out!! Gimme a break!

> And thanks for saying it's ...uh...public who calls Quixtar / Amway a cult. Why?

Again, because we stand out!

>Sports fan = cults. Yeah, that is a good one :)

You really need help. I don't think sport fans are cults, how bout reading what I write! I said "SOME would call..."
I've had my school been reffered to as a cult-like fan base. As I said, team spirit is team spirit! and ignorant people are ignorant people!

Beside, u r the one grouping ppl together. Many friends of mine are fairly successful. They don't hate the world, and think Quixtar is just a scam.

I can't take anymore! READ WHAT I WRITE! I never said successful people hate the world - I said "Anyone who's educated about success would tell you to associate with positive people and to avoid those who always talk about how they hate the world, or how sick they feel, or gossip about their neighbors." Those are negative people, avoid them if you want to succeed in anything!

Tell me about your group. What is the net profit? Group net profit – net expenses? Count every one, quitters too.

All I know is I'm making money, doing what I was already doing, plus I get retail profit from the sale of products to establishment. And here's a newsflash, its not a get rich quick scheme, it take time and investment to succeed in a business! I barely break even right now, but in 5 years, I plan on seeing profit. It's called the long haul! My personal sponser is making over 2 grand a month. My upline Diamond makes 7 figures a year and lives in a $2mil house. He gives more to charity in a month than you probably make in a year. Does that make him better than you? NO!!, but it sure as h#ll makes him smarter!!

Also, what do u know about BSMAA?

I know I've never had a problem with the company, so I'm not really worried about Dispute resolution.
Besides if I really wanted, anyone can sue anyone, and as soon as this country wakes up and forces plantiffs in frivilous lawsuits to pay ALL court costs, then we won't have all these bogus lawsuits.
But trial lawyers will never let that happen!

At 5/09/2005 09:43:00 PM, Blogger Loser said...

Readability You all? Who are they? Solid block of text is simple hard to read. Thanks for making it clear this time.

Standing out: Standing out how? Profitability? Convenience to shop? Franchising? MLM?

Profitability: P&G and many other companies are much bigger than Quixtar. Just one of P & G sub, Wal-mart vs. Quixtar: No comparison.

Convenience: eCommerce is not Quixtar's invention right? True, eCommerce saves time and I'm personally a big fan of it, but it's not something Quixtar presented to the world. Quixtar may not be the best eCommerce website, but their return policy is great. I've always said that. If you haven't read it, don't blame me!

Franchising Ask some actual franchise owner and see how Quixtar is not a good Franchise. Franchises ensure your profitability, consider franchises / area and in general, is very serious in maintaining good name of it. In some franchises, if it's not turning a desired profit from that location, they send their own manager to show the owner how to make more profit!!

Also, franchising is not Quixtar's concept.

MLM yeah. Quixtar + Amway are largest in MLM. Yes. Yet they have all the flaws of MLMs. You agree there are some flaws in every model? MLM being one of them? News Flash: MLM is not a perfect model. Not even close.

Standing out: How so? How they have done some thing different?

360 K IBOs in 1977 in US only
340 K IBOs in 2004 in North America.

It's an MLM that's not growing.

Wal-mart, on other hand, is a better idea. Not the best, mind you. So are many online inventions like eBay, online reverse auction etc.

Public don't call bad names to any thing that stand out. Public in general bugged by IBOs, there hidden meeting and family / friend pressure. News flash: Majority don't like to be prospected.


So you are saying showing excitement or weird behaviors is cult. While
it might be a sign of cult, news flash: it ain't no cult. I have been to Microsoft seminars. They ask audience to make lots of noises and stuff, but the seminars I have been to were either 1) my MCSE 2) Corporate invitation 3) Free

And news flash: There was actual knowledge that helped me make $$. Not a fake applaud and same life stories. While it was at time loud, it was not a cult. Here is a thread about cults to help you understand.

Vote there if you want. I wanna say "yes ignorant ppl are ignorant ppl' but i won't. Don't ask me why ;)

Successful people

See, that's why I asked you to break the Para :) But you didn't read me do you? My point was that even many successful people bash Quixtar. I'm sure you'd prospected some of them. No? Negative yet rich brother in law etc.?

Tell me how do I know if some one is successful? A person who haven't spend a weekend in his own city since he is in Quixtar? Who drives 3-4 hours a day, always on phone begging / pressuring ppl to come to meetings, net less than my free lancing pocket money OR my CEO who has a profitable business and get to spend weekends with his family? He never had been an IBO and just laugh at the mention of Quixtar. He even said when I mentioned it, "Stay away, these schemes are downright a scam". Negative eh? He never whine about how sick he feels or hate the world. I find his advice quite useful :) Most of the time ;)

Also, a person who says there is only one thing in the world that is good and rest is bad is so not successful and need some help. See the cult symptoms? Don't worry. We'll help you ;)

PS: As smarter as your diamond is, I don't rip off any one.

PSS: You are just assuming. You don't know how much I make, where do I live or what I do. You also haven't seen the tax return of your sponsor? Diamond? Have you. What are their expenses? What are yours? it's 4-6 month platinum, no ;)

I call it a rip-off because your diamond should distribute 'tools' for free. Many MLMs are doing that. Don't fight it, technology will take you there.


Ha! wanna talk about it? BSMAA is to keep the disputes secret. That's all. That's how MLM works. Secretive, like a mafia. or cults ;)

Know Jody Victor, head of IBOAI, he says BSMAA is just a joke. Caught on Tape:

And talk about frivolous lawsuit. Have you heard about Sidney Schwartz? How frivolous his lawsuit was filed by Quixtar? And TOD vs Scott Larsen? Trial lawyers are great to suppress the free speech, but an IBO give up his right to go to court when he sign up at Quixtar. How pathetic!!!! Are the "independent"? Wal-mart don't require you to sign up a BSMAA. Neither do Disney. Talking about Disney, they really stand out :) Kids love it. no?

Good luck man! you haven't answered how much $$ you are making. Well don't. But just an advice, watch out your expenses vs. losses and remember: You can't dispute the tool income u will get when u go emerald / diamond. You will be at the whim of kingpin for that money. If you make it there! So far there are 0 Quixtar only diamond, ppl who signed up at Quixtar, not Amway. You be the first one :) It's been 5 years in the 5 year plan. There gotta be at least one Quixtar only diamond, no?

At 1/18/2008 06:53:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tons of people have tried to recruit me in to what I believe is a quixtar scam. I even fond a website called


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