Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Screw them

iBlogO: It's Over
As of right now, my IBO number means zero to me. Sure I'd rather keep it, but if they're going to try and use it as a threat to silence me, screw them. I will say what I want when I want and if that brings about my termination in the business, that's no sweat off my back. I can get accustomed to the mundane storefronts again. I'd rather not but it won't kill me.
It's funny really, here is an IBO who wants to do Quixtar, love the products and in general is a positive voice FOR quixtar, some thing they don't have much on internet. And he is worried that Quixtar may not like it. I thought in Quixtar you can OWN your business?

Read that blog, Leo and Salena, another pro Quixtar blog, a rather honest blog was shut down by Quixtar. They quit! Read the comments on that post.
Interesting because I was contacted by Quixtar about my blog and they had me delete it. I got so mad because I put so much effort into that blog, I was ready to punch the wall until my fist was numb.

However, I did delete it and I moved on. I left Quixtar, which wasn't going too bad for me, but like you said, I don't like people telling me what to do, etc.

I moved to another venture which has proven to be way more profitable for me so far. I'm just sorry I didn't make this change sooner.

By the way, I have a bunch of tapes, some are brand new, if you want them, they're yours. Or if you know anyone who might want them. I got like 50-100 tapes, I'm not sure how many. All you'd pay is shipping.

To your success,
So Quixtar, what is wrong with you? Seriously?

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At 5/20/2005 01:11:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys need to put a disclaimer on your blog about it being protected by your first amendment rights- they CANT say boo about it.


At 5/21/2005 07:21:00 PM, Blogger Loser said...

Uh not really!

Dwighty is an IBO, and Quixtar can cancel his IBO ship. They may not shut down his blog, but can threaten him using his IBO number as a bait.

Thanks a lot for the tip. I'll certainly do so.


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