Sunday, June 05, 2005

MLM vs Advertisement

IBOs basically do advertisement for Quixtar. They don't manufacture products or manage wholesale inventories etc. Now this is where public opinion changes.

Advertisement is inherently fair. Where do we see all these ads? In some thing we like. Sports, TV, magazines, favourite sites. So public has been given some value and it's sort of a trade. I'm happy for this trade :) Too many ads are annoying, no question but balance is the key. When I see an ad, that means I'm being entertained by sports, TV, magazine etc. Exception are billboards but they look cool anyways. And I admit, I love some ads. Even some repeating ones. E.g some got good music or are very funny etc. I am ok to see some ads when I go see a movie because I know I have to pay more without ads.

And no, I don't like spam and just like any thing else, moderation is a must in advertisement.

In general, it's a good experience watching ads. And no pressure compared to talking to some sales person.

In MLM, I don't like being promoted for some opportunity, or a product by some friend. Most of the time it's ugly! I'm 'bugged' as compared to being entertained, and I'm 'pushed' as compared to be serviced.

Here is a kicker: These dirty tactics are not IBO’s fault!! They are symptoms of a failed, over saturated model.

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