Wednesday, June 01, 2005

What happen on the web, stays on the web

Ok, I read it in Pacer as well, and Qblog have posted it that Lawsuit against Scott Larsen filed by Team of Destiny is dismissed.

It is all documented here that he tried somewhat to work with TOD. As far as their lawsuit goes. E.g. copy write problem, he fixed it. He put © etc. although I really doubt if any one would try to buy TOD tapes on But point is:
What happens on the web, stays on the web.
This is, of course, aside from all the mirrors. This is the archive of EVERY website on web. Check out

My little blog doesn't get a lot of traffic really. It's definitely no match to the research Scott did. I even screw up at my routine. I'm not a writer or business guru. But look here:
I have no idea who that guy (or gal, computer, or monkey) is. Never asked my permission, and I have no control over it. I understand when I write in public domain, I may not have any control over what I write. Once it's online, it's online. And that's one example. I have no freaking idea who else is mirroring me.

When a blog like mine got mirrored, extensive research like will go neglected? I don't think so. Nevertheless, got it. Maybe some other web service already does that? No idea. Haven't dig much.

What purpose did that lawsuit served really? I don't understand. If I would be plaintiff, here is what I'd do:

Consult some business people and come up with the strategy that is best for the business. It may not punish Scott Larsen, but who cares? Business first. Grudges second.

But hey......I'm a broke loser writing on bathroom wall of society. It's not my business. All I wanna do is bring attention to the irony that this site was archived all along. Why waste money on lawyers? Hey, gimme some if you have extra.

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