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Does any one have any opinion about Google Bombing? Apparently Quixtar did that and they were not on google first page when search against Quixtar. It was for past few months. On June 1 they are back on.

There is some media attention to it as well:

[moderator: if that's not proper to appear on forum you may PM me. I just want to hear your opinion.]


Happy summers to all.
This post is to 'laud' a somewhat pro Quixtar Forum, I'm not sure if it should be called Quixtar forum, as Administrator 'Fred' emailed me to stop discussing Quixtar / MLM there, and stick to the general business. Else he'd delete my posts without warning. Well it's his board. He doesn't want me to discuss Quixtar then so be it. It's just funny that its an invite only board and I was invited there, to be moderated by an iron fist. Reminds me Monica of Friends. She loves to invite people in her home and then control them like a freak.

So keeping this in mind, I was sure that Fred would delete this post. And I expected that, as I put it in my post. Basically he has to approve every post to appear it to the public. So I didn't need to PM him. I just want to hear some pro Quixtar opinion about their google bombing.

Let me know if I am the only one seeing that post there. If not then I 'laud' Fred for not deleting my post.

Fred is quite knowledgable in MLM compensations plans. If you need some information about it to evaluate some MLM. His moderation style maybe different than what I'm used to.

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At 6/10/2005 04:10:00 PM, Blogger David Robison said...

Hey MO!

(I said that like Curly from the Three Stooges)

Not only is your post there, it's also got some replies, including one from Fred.

At 6/10/2005 04:36:00 PM, Blogger Loser said...

Dave, you got MO :D You are the Curly and Qblog once sported an avatar of Lary when Qrush called him 'hired stooge' :D So now we are complete, you are 'Curly' :D

Glad my post is there. Yes, Fred did reply and quite a balanced reply. Much better than that of Robin Luymes.

I was little afraid to post it there. I though I'll get blasted. :)

Lets see if IBOs report that to Quixtar and tell them such moves make it harder for IBOs to uphold their company name.

At 6/11/2005 11:33:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Most organizations (business groups, trade organizations, clubs, schools - even classes) control the membership and content. If you don't you end up dragging in the trash -- which stinks up everything. Most of these clubs/organizations control content by controlling membership (you need certain degrees, certifications, credentials, etc...). Online, as we all know -- that's not so easy sometimes! So, sure -- someone that wants to discuss a topic (or group of topics) has to set the foundation.

There is not one group of people with influence that is not tightly controlled -- it's just life. Thank goodness we all live in the free world where we can create groups and organizations like this.

I do admit that many online expect 'freedom of speech' to mean EVERYONE should be heard (i.e. - everyone should listen to them). Of course, this is not the case - never has been and never will be the case.

Of course anyone can talk and babble. But, that does not mean anyone else has to listen (or even block them out of THEIR groups or sphere of influence). Again, it's GREAT we can all be able to talk -- even if no one is listening. ;-)

Least but last -- Quixtar does allow IBOs to uphold the Quixtar name ---- one-to-one. And, that's all it takes anyway. There is really no reason to preach to the world about Quixtar (or anything else). Hey -- isn't that what frustrates you (and many) anyway???

I might also add that I don't approve most posts on MTR -- once someone has posted 25 messages they are set up to automatically post. This is a safety net to catch the garbage (and weeds out people that get on the forums that are only there to pitch anyway). It's worked well to keep the discussion focused on business.

Take care,

At 6/12/2005 12:27:00 AM, Blogger Loser said...

well Fred, it's your board. You can run it any way you want. I just wanted to hear your opinion about Quixtar. And I did, thank you! Personally I like more 'open boards' and that's where I usually post.

Quixtar related discussion do invite a lot of trolls with only agenda to annoy people. That's true!

Fred> There is really no reason to preach to the world about Quixtar (or anything else). Hey -- isn't that what frustrates you (and many) anyway???

MO> No, it doesn't frustrates me at all. I'm not an angry crack pot or insecure and want to have people hearing my voice :) Quixtar is not the only topic I blog about. There are other things in life than Quixtar :) But it's kinda funny that people assume just because I hold a different opinion, (based on my experience) that I hate Quixtar and some sport of no-life loser. Can't they take me a casual observer who blog about Quixtar in the same way as about politics or RIAA or Sports?

At 6/12/2005 12:30:00 AM, Blogger Loser said...

The only thing I found wierd is it's an invite only board. These boards are usually much open as members are invited. If it was an open board then I would have no problem in the level of moderation / control. That's the only thing that I don't understand. And no, I'm not militant about it :D I'd use the word "It's funny"

At 6/14/2005 09:38:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


There is a time and place do discuss quixtar.FYI, Qblog does has a forum where you can discuss it all you want. Besides, every IBO knows about the google bombing. It's old news. What were you trying to stir up anyways?

Granted, I do agree with you that google bombing isn't right, but ALOT of companies google bomb. With as many hits as quixtar gets they shouldn't have to resort to google bombing.


At 6/14/2005 10:21:00 PM, Blogger Loser said...

Easy there Mikey :) What Time and place? Oh QBlog forum only :) Ok thanks :) Not on MTR? ;)

as I said, I just wanna know some pro Q-IBO response. For some obvious reasons I consider Fred as a knowledgable one. And he did answer!

And no, not every IBO knows about Google Bombing. My sponsor doesn't know. He'll plainly refuse it now matter how much evidence is given :)

Yeah, lot other companies Google Bomb. E.g. Porn etc. But Quixtar's so far the biggest. That's why it became the news.

I am always trying to create trouble. Don't you know ;) And every sunday I drown a sack full of kittens.


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