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I'll talk about two tools, tapes and seminars. What exactly is in them:
  • If you don't build Quixtar and watch TV, you won't be able to pay the bill and your marriage will fall apart. (heard literally, word to word)
  • Our life sucked without Quixtar
  • Don't think any thing bad about Quixtar.
  • People who don't do Quixtar are broke.
  • If they don't appear broke, they are broke at "another" level.
  • Quixtar is the only way to make money.
  • Job, business, investment, all bad.
  • Rallies: We struggled to go Diamond too.
  • Do 300 PV, buy tapes, go to seminar, listen to Kate.
  • Quixtar will create world peace. Various nations sponsoring each other etc.
  • Gays can't do this business.
  • It's ok if people don't do Quixtar. I need poor people to do various things for me.
Did I miss any thing from these tape teachings? Or is it still the same thing over and over again? In my one year, August 2002 – May 2003 I didn’t hear any thing different. On the other hand, I studied computer sciences few years ago. Now my sister's computer science syllabus is quite changed.

My point: How does all that crap compares to the college education?

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At 7/30/2005 02:02:00 AM, Blogger Kurosawa said...

Let's see, did you miss anything?

If you leave Quixtar, you have no integrity and are a liar and a quitter.

No mind you, it wasn't said exactly like this, but I'm sure you've heard something to this effect during the many meetings and tools sessions. I know I did. They basically made it out to be that if you weren't in their special little business, you were an insignificant speck not worth an iota of their time and that the failure of the business system was completely yours. As I said in another post, when I bowwed out, I was promptly ignored by my upline, save a friend of mine.

Quixtar isn't a product business, it's a people business. If you own "stuff," eventually people will move on unless you spend a ton of money trying to make something new. But if you have the people, no matter what you have in your store, there will always be a market to sell to.

So basically they're telling me that I need to recruit, as my group tried to steer me away from retail and go for more IBOs or at least the "pro-sumer" level of enrollment. Retail was the last thing I was told I should go for.

I think you hit it on the head pretty good otherwise. I've heard many of the same things. But tell me, where did you hear that line about homosexuals? I heard something about homosexuals that was allegedly from a tape, and it blew my mind someone would be allowed to say that stuff. It doesn't quite surprise me, however, which is what really disturbs me. "Free" enterprise, indeed.

At 7/30/2005 02:23:00 AM, Blogger Kurosawa said...

Sorry, I forgot to post an opinion to your question. The comparison between Quixtar "training" and a hard copy degree, in my opinion, is that at least with a degree you can say some things to an employer.

1) "I have an Associate/Bachelor/Master's level of knowledge in the particular major I've earned my degree in."

2) "I have shown, through the receipt if this degree, that I am willing to do whatever is necessary to achieve my goals over a sustained period of time," which shows

a) a drive for success

b) that you plan for the long term and think of the big picture.

3) "I have (potentially) picked up other skills which may benefit your company."

A Quixtar training "course," on the other hand, will do nothing for you outside the business as far as I can see. You have shown, through this training, that

1) "I am submissive to a fault and will listen to anything I am told."

Some businesses like that attitude, but they have bad management. That's my opinion.

I have no problem with being willing to let the leader lead, but if I don't like something, expect that I will express this. Something IBO Uplines discourage as, since I haven't made it big like they are or have, I must not know a bad thing when I see it.

2) "I have a lack of skill in attention to detail, and don't need facts to achieve success in business."

I just remembered another line from those tools and functions. "If the dream's big enough, the facts don't matter." I'm sorry, but on this planet called Earth, where I come from, the facts matter a lot. Especially to new people who are genuinely interested, but confused by the non-specific layout of the plan as it pertains to them specifically. I would ask questions, pertinent ones, about the money. How it's made, where it goes, and who's really benefitting from it.

Toward the end of my year in the business, I found I wasn't all that welcome around my upline's prospects, as my honest inquiries were shooting down there "fake it 'til you make it" plan showings (another line for you). Even during my year with the big Q, I kept my head. It's no wonder my story isn't as bad as a lot of the ones I've heard.

3) "I believe that the answer to a failing business is to keep plugging away at it, as it's bound to turn around if I continue to buy the training system and regurgitate the same things again and again, instead of doing something different or stopping and cutting my losses."

What was that line? "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results." (yet another for your list) If that is true, then why are IBOs being told to listen to the BSMs again and again? True there are many different ones, but they all say pretty much the same things, which brings us to part of the subect of your post. Sounds like a contradiction, if you ask me.

Anyway, sorry for such a long comment, just had a lot on my mind about this post.

At 7/31/2005 02:52:00 AM, Blogger Loser said...

Hi Kurosawa,

I heard Bill Britt saying in a seminar (which of course, later became a tape) gays can't build this business.

There is another tape by Dexter Yager, warning wifes against gays who can steal their husbands :) You think it was a joke? It was not.

Check out Or


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