Friday, July 15, 2005

Quix Qlux Qlan

Have you heard any racist, bigoted comment while you were in Quixtar?

I NEVER heard any outside Quixtar in my five years in North America. I won't start on evil white man, I would start from my own Gala LOS.

September 2002, Diamond Open in Radisson Hotel Toronto, ON, Sugeet Ajmani, favourite diamond is showing the plan. I brought a colleague of mine. (European by birth). Shake hand time with the diamond. I brought her. He said in Hindi, "Hey where did you catch her?". She didn't understand but every one else did. And including my sponsor lady, laughed. Funny eh! Our "Desi" ppl who are really not very high in "racist" food chain making bigoted comments like that. And C’mon, that girl wasn't trying to be some body else. We are! We desis are trying to speak some other (and rather stupid) language, adopting another culture and proudly wear ties and all the British shit.

I NEVER saw any "white" people in opens. All desis. I asked many times that how come people here don't know about this wonderful opportunity? Ok whatever. They heard Amway. We didn't.

That girl said "I better learn Hindi". Sure the meeting was in English, but who am I kidding? Even I couldn't understand many Gala speakers. And I got a thick accent myself.

Next stop, upline came to Toronto. Showing some plan. I took a Chinese guy there. Heard comments like, "Where did you find cheenu bhai". Hmmm. I didn't know Chinese were not allowed. Oh yes, he left the meeting early because his friend fell asleep. That qualifies him for that comment. If he would hang out longer and appeared interested, it would be a different story. Moola almighty.

March 2003: A fired up eagle drove down to Toronto. His face was either half burned or effected with some skin disease. Upline promoted him like "If you look at him and see even this guy can go eagle, you'll sure get real fired up". I was even the ppl "getting ahead" got insulted like that? Would I be mentioned to others like that if I make it "big"?

And don't get me started on bigots like Bill Britt etc. Son of a bitch released “Father Power”, and spout non sense regarding screwing environment.

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At 9/06/2011 01:13:00 PM, Anonymous Nitin said...

In general, the group of people that are into this are pretty narrow. They are not into the outside world because its too "negative". I was sucked into it for a whole year and lament losing my social life and hundreds of dollars on their crappy products. Some of them may be well off, but their mental level is of a pauper. The line I was part of was Kanti Gala - Kumar Sivaramakrishnan - Vishal Jain - Gagan Jain. All loonies. I was "contacted" in the Elizabeth Ikea. At the same time there were many other Indian couples looking for desis like myself just purposely bumping into them and starting up a conversation in order to tell them about an "IT" opportunity they wanted to tell me about. What a crock.


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