Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Quixtar is not Amway?

Amway Quixtar Business Myths - 18 reasons Quixtar is not Amway
  1. The Amway corporation included Quixtar sales in their consolidated sales for the year 2000.
  2. Quixtar line of sponsorships are using Amway data for their income claims.
  3. Quixtar distributors can have an Amway business and combine the sales for bonus purposes.
  4. Quixtar lines of sponsorship transferred intact from Amway.
  5. Quixtar and Amway use the same Sales and Marketing Plan.
  6. Quixtar distributes Amway catalogs to new Quixtar distributors.
  7. Both Amway and Quixtar distributors are termed "IBO"s.
  8. Quixtar and Amway are owned by the same families.
  9. Quixtar is the exclusive WEB distributor of Amway products.
  10. Quixtar and Amway utilize the same bonus schedule.
  11. Quixtar and Amway call their top distributors the same names: Diamond, Emerald, Platinum, etc.
  12. Amway distributors can sponsor new people as Quixtar distributors.
  13. Quixtar distributors can sponsor new people as Amway distributors.
  14. Quixtar and Amway share the same business rules.
  15. Quixtar and Amway use the same domain servers.
  16. Quixtar and Amway are both located in the Grand Rapids area of Michigan.
  17. Amway employees went to work for Quixtar.
  18. Quixtar utilizes Amway's distribution facilities.
  19. Amway and Quixtar distributors get the Amway magazine "Achieve".
  20. Quixtar and Amway are spelled differently.
  21. Quixtar pays you instead of your Amway upline
  22. When you call the Amway General Public Inquires line at 616-787-6000 you can get Quixtar information.
  23. When you write the Amway info line, you can get Quixtar information.

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At 5/17/2006 12:50:00 AM, Anonymous Marion Heath said...

Quixtar is NOT Amway.

Amway was a company that offered Amway products to consumers (and then later some other companies' products).

Quixtar is an entity that offers many of the benifits that Amway did because it worked so well. Two of the obvious differences are that Quixtar gives additonal value to anyone who chooses to use it because there are many more products to choose from and they are easily accessable through a website.

The Amway products that are exclusive to the Amway corportation are also available on the Quixtar website.

But because the founders wanted to be true to all who were Amway IBO's (prior to the birth of Quixtar) they were given the option to continue as an IBO for Amway or move onto the Quixtar vehicle. This may be why there is confusion for people who are not aware of this history.

As for most of the "Sales Products", most of them are sold by another entity that is a business support system. Purchasing these products is not a requirement of Quixtar.

The purchase of products and seminars to grow a business has been going on in successful traditional businesses for a long time. It's simple, when business people invest in their business - They are investing in themselves.

What the business seminars and products have offered for me was a new perspective on looking at how to live my life, not just as a Quixtar IBO.

The cash flow that leads to 'financial freedom' that most want when they come into Quixtar is not attainable for the meek. I am always amazed at who does walk across the stage when I hear them speak. They are not all great speakers or great lookers. Some of their common traits are evident though. They have perserverance. They have tenacity. They are focused. They educate. They learn and make the new found wisdom their own by taking action.

I hear from those who build a successful business express how the journey to each level was a journey of self discovery and of personal change. These are the kind of people I admire and consider leaders no matter what role they choose in life.

I wish you the best in which ever direction you sail your ship.

At 11/20/2009 08:17:00 AM, Blogger WookieeMonster said...

Here's a slightly shorter answer than that of Ms. Heath's.

Quixtar, as explained by my upline when I signed up with them, is Amway's "online presence."

Plain and simple.


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